Laurie Anne | Streatham & Clapham High School

“If you want to go to university, staying at SCHS could be the best decision you could make – A-levels are an exceedingly important time of your life..”

Laurie Anne
SCHS Pupil 2002-2009

When I started in Year 7 I couldn’t wait to leave school, but as time went on I began to love SCHS and its atmosphere. I hadn’t originally intended to stay on for Sixth Form because some of my friends were leaving after Year 11. But I couldn’t find any good reason to leave SCHS, so I stayed. I was so glad I did, because if you want to go to university, staying at SCHS could be the best decision you could make – A-levels are an exceedingly important time of your life. Having to worry about making new friends, finding your way around a new place and establishing yourself as a pupil all over again, can distract you from your main goal and where you’re headed in life.

Staying at SCHS for Sixth Form meant that the teachers I had always known and who knew me were able to help me develop into the person I am now.

After GCSEs I was not entirely sure which A-levels I wanted to take so I sought advice from teachers who knew me best, as well as the teachers of the areas that interested me. This was an opportunity I would not have had if I had left for another sixth form or college. I was also able to take subjects I could not have taken in other places: it was difficult to find anywhere else that taught Italian as a mainstream subject. The teaching also suited me really well: the way the Religious Studies course has made me into the very philosophical person I am today.

I learnt so many valuable skills in the Sixth Form, skills I was able to share with my peers and to take forward with me into my adult life. I had such a wide range of abilities that I was not certain on how to use them. I knew that ultimately I wanted to help people. Initially I chose a Law/ Criminology based degree and sailed through the first year but I was not happy. I contacted the staff at SCHS for advice; with their support I moved from a Law based degree to a Medical based degree without great difficulty. I am now a student Midwife at City University London.

I managed the applications to both degree courses without too much difficulty, thanks to the fantastic support and advice I received from SCHS. Although I’d applied late for the Midwifery course, I was offered interviews and unconditional places within weeks of my application being sent. It was only when I started my Midwifery course that I realised how hard it was to get a place on the course. I have to thank SCHS for making the transition so easy.

The Sixth Form at SCHS provides a learning environment with limitless boundaries and teaches you that you will achieve whatever you work for. Initially I found it hard to meet the levels of self-discipline that are required for A level work, but with the support of the teachers and my peers I became motivated and carried on through my A-levels and my adult life with a firm grounding and the ability to learn outside and beyond what I am taught in class.

Besides the valuable life skills and academic grounding that SCHS gave me, I made genuine lifelong friends which I treasure. Girls I never thought I’d talk to in Year 7 became some of my closest friends in the Sixth Form. At the end of A-levels I got engaged and the whole of my year – and my teachers – celebrated with me. So beyond the books and beyond the work, SCHS Sixth Form set me up with friendships for life and a sisterhood that is truly inestimable. Even today our year group continues to meet up for reunions; it feels just like yesterday that we were all together in the common room!

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