Mariana | Streatham & Clapham High School

"The most important skill Sixth Form at SCHS helped me to develop was independent learning".

SCHS Pupil

Mariana left in 2004 to study Medicine at University College London and is now working as a junior doctor in North London.

Having stayed at SCHS throughout secondary school meant that when I started the Sixth Form, I had continuity of teachers and school life in general. It also meant that I did not have to adjust to a new system. I could begin this new chapter with friends I already had and teachers I already knew and who knew me, my strengths and weaknesses and were therefore able to help me achieve my full potential. Studying in the Sixth Form really helped me prepare for university and working life. Obviously a huge asset was the academic side; without the support and guidance of fantastic teachers, small groups to study in and impressive facilities, I would not have achieved the grades I needed in order to study medicine. The careers department gave me invaluable advice regarding the necessary A level, personal statements and desirable assets I should develop in order to succeed in my University application.

The most important skill Sixth Form at SCHS helped me to develop was independent learning; teachers encouraged self-learning, designed projects, presentations and workshops, from basic but crucial ones such as note taking to the more complex team building training days.

I also had many non academic opportunities that gave me a foundation on which to build in later years. I was encouraged to run a Science Club during Sixth Form which helped me in developing my teaching, organisation and administrative skills. I have put this to use throughout my academic career so far, setting up a South American Society at University and also teaching medical students.

I am truly thankful for everything the Sixth Form gave me; for the fun I had, for the opportunities I was given, for the teachers that treated me as an equal and took a genuine interest in my education and for the help I was given to guide me in the direction I wanted to go.

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