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In the News: Head Master’s Letter in National Press

Dr Sachania’s analysis of the landscape for public examinations this year was published in The Times on 3 July 2020. Please see below.

Exam assessments
Sir, You report (Jul 1) that pupils will be able to take the full range of GCSEs and A levels in the autumn “if they are unhappy with their teachers’ assessments”. However, teachers’ assessments, known as “centre assessed  grades”, will be subject to an algorithm devised by Ofqual to bring the results in line with schools’ recent results, which will doubtless lead to a downward moderation where this year’s cohort is brighter than previous ones. In all likelihood, then, pupils will be disputing the outcome of a mechanical process, devised by bureaucrats, rather than the honest appraisal of the professionals that have an intimate and detailed knowledge of their abilities.

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