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Take Part in the SCHS Fitness Challenge!

With the added stress of a second lock down and the significant challenges it brings to the Streatham & Clapham High School community, we invite all students, staff and parents to join us in a fitness challenge.

With added time spent inside and at a screen, more sedentary daily activities and lack of normal routines such as the daily commute, it places greater stress on ones mental and physical health. Both are positively correlated and increases in one benefits the other.

So, to try and create some positivity and community, we encourage you all to take park in the Road to Tokyo challenge. It involves the accumulative effort of all the SCHS community to walk, run or cycle to Tokyo Olympic Stadium and back. A total of 27,270km. So far 178 people have joined the challenge with 216 hours of exercise having been completed. This challenge will simultaneously be contributing to the recently launched GDST initiative to crown the most active school by measuring which school walks, runs or cycles the furthest distance each week. I hope that this provides the motivation that our school community needs to get outside and get moving. Last week, the most active student was Bea (L5), the most active parent was Mr Chris Linder (father of Charlotte U5) and the most active teacher was a member of the PE department Miss Ruffman.

To join this challenge, simply use the link below on your smartphone. Then track your walk, run or cycle using the app to register your distance. Regular updates of our progress will be posted on the PE department twitter account click here and by using #SCHSroad2tokyo. Click here for Strava.

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