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The wellbeing of the pupils and teachers at SCHS is a priority and I am excited to announce that we have launched The Positive Project. The project aims to support pupils and staff in creating proactive tools to thrive.

The Positive Project is important to us as it helps pupils to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We feel it will encourage our students to take positives from negative situations and become more resilient young people.

Positive news from this half term

  1. The SCHS Big Bake – Last week the girls participated in the SCHS Big Bake and the theme was colour. We will be announcing the winners after the holidays. Well done to all the girls who took part; we had a lot of wonderful entries as you can see.

  1. The Positive Toolkit – During form time, we have been delivering a series of tools to develop a positive mind-set. The girls have been busy writing gratitude journals and sending kindness cards this half term.
  2. Student Wellbeing Group – After half term SCHS is launching a Student Wellbeing Group to discuss ideas and develop initiatives to promote physical and mental health amongst pupils. The group will meet once a week and if you are interested in taking part please email Miss Ruffman.

 Reflections from SCHS teachers and students

‘The Positive Project is aptly named. It prompts pupils and staff to stop and check in with how they are feeling. This alone is an act of mindful reflection. It encourages us all to think about how we can best achieve emotional states which help us to stay positive, confident and calm. We think it really helps the wellbeing of pupils and staff.’ – Mrs Cross, Deputy Head Mistress

‘I had such a fantastic experience taking part in the SCHS Staff Pottery Evenings. I feel lucky to be part of a school where the mental health of staff is a priority; it really did lift my spirits on a dark and dreary November evening.’ – Miss Shaw, Teacher at SCHS

‘SCHS has been extremely attentive in ensuring that myself and my friends are doing well inside and out of online classrooms. My teachers and peers all encourage each other to pick up and try new skills or hobbies to keep us relaxed and entertained during this tough time. I have picked up doing puzzles and art during free time after school. The PE department has furthermore boosted me to go on walks in the sun when I can which has relieved me of a lot of negativity and enlightened me from the constraints of being inside too long’ – Amelia, Sixth Form Student

‘The badminton session, organised as part of the positive project for the staff, was an unqualified success. It was so nice to be able to spend time with colleagues, just relaxing and having fun. The relaxing part did not quite work out, as some of the science department turned out to be extremely competitive! But much fun was had by all and we are really looking forward to when we can have a replay session.’ – Dr Choudhry, Teacher at SCHS

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