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Termly fees for 2023/2024

From September 2023 the school fees, which are reviewed annually in consultation with the Girls’ Day School Trust, are listed below. Fees cover tuition other than optional extra subjects, non-residential trips, all stationery, textbooks and scientific materials and examination fees.

Every girl of Nursery school age is entitled to Early Years (EYS) funding. This covers the cost for 15 hours.

TermTermly School FeesTermly                       Lunch FeesEYS Funding DiscountTotal Cost less EYS Funding

How much does it cost for school lunches? (2023/2024)

School lunch is compulsory for all years. The cost of lunch in nursery is £315.33 per term; this is added to the fee invoice.

How does payment for Nursery school work?

A deposit of £1,000 is payable on acceptance of a place. This sum will be held until the end of the pupil’s final term at the school, at which point it will be refunded, less any sums owing to the Trust or School at that time.

Fees are payable in advance, annually, termly or monthly by direct debit. Fees can be pre-paid for a number of terms, years or for a specific amount. A personalised quotation will be sent on request.

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