Art Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School

Art Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
There is always a good atmosphere in the art room, a lot of freedom but guidance if and when you need it.

Amelia Langford

What it Means to be a SCHS Art Scholar

Our scholars are girls in whom we see exceptional talent or potential . Our Art scholars are invited to participate in scholar-specific high quality, challenging workshops exploring a diverse range of materials, as well as all SCHS Art events, which include:

  • Annual entry into the Young Art Cancer Research Art Competition
  • Annual entry to the Royal Academy Young Artist Summer Show
  • Regular trips to London galleries
  • Life drawing classes for Sixth Form

Just as we nurture their artistic talent and provide unique, door-opening opportunities, our scholars also serve as role models to inspire and encourage others in the school and the wider community.

What we expect

Art Scholars must demonstrate a keen interest in creative learning and working towards facing all artistic challenges unafraid and with confidence. Our Art Scholars must strive to develop skills, knowledge and understanding — recognising there are infinite artistic possibilities and opportunities in school and beyond.

Art scholar responsibilities

  • To be a subject role model to peers and younger pupils, successfully leading and guiding them through creative learning opportunities.
  • Always to strive to meet her full potential.
  • To be motivated to maintain maximum effort, commitment and creativity with all artwork, which will be reflected in half-termly effort and progress grades (U3 to U5) and A Level and EPQ work.
  • Actively to contribute to lessons (discussion, supporting peers, demonstrations, presentations), lectures and special events.
  • To attend Extended Learning workshops (U3 to U4) and Head’s lectures (Sixth Form) in order to develop creative skills.
  • To be receptive to ideas and alternative techniques; to be open-minded and able to accept the ideas of others through receiving and giving constructive criticism.
  • To approach new challenges with confidence and not be afraid of failure.
  • Actively to seek to develop a critical understanding of the subject by visiting galleries and exhibitions.
  • Willingly to accept extended independent work set within class, which will stretch and challenge her ability.
  • To submit work for entry into competitions.


  • Large main art studio and separate Sixth Form art studio
  • Suite of Mac computers
  • High specification cameras

Our Staff

Miss Baker has been an art a teacher for 25 years, 22 of these at SCHS. Before teaching in schools, she made her own paintings during the daytime and taught life drawing in the evenings. Her special interest is in painting and she encourages the girls to keep on drawing and painting as much as possible, especially from life; the best way to improve your skills in Art is to do more Art! She is also very keen for everyone to visit lots of museums and art galleries, wherever they are, at home in London or on holiday.

How To apply — 11+

Please indicate on your online application that you would like to apply for a specialist scholarship.

In order that we can view work on merit, and ensure that girls applying for the scholarship have the necessary aptitude in art, we ask that sketch books, showing development of ideas and experimentation, are presented in the following way:

Do include:

  • Sketch books should be no bigger than A3 size.
  • Sketch books need to show experience in at least pencil, paint, collage, sculpture and pastel (oil or soft).
  • You may include photography, including of three-dimensional work.

Do NOT include:

  • Portfolios, three-dimensional work and canvas art-work.
  • Please do not include certificates or photographs of candidates working.

The deadline to submit an application for an Art scholarship is Thursday 31 October 2024. (All sketch books should also be delivered to school Reception by this date) 

Selected candidates will be invited to an art scholarship assessment on Thursday 21 November 2024

Shortlisted candidates will be invited back for an interview with the Head of Art on Thursday 5 December 2024.

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How To Apply — 16+

Please indicate on your online application form that you would like to apply for a specialist scholarship.

All 6th form Art Scholarship applicants will be invited to submit a portfolio of up to six of their most successful pieces and a recent sketchbook. During an interview, this work will be discussed and candidates will have the opportunity to explain their interest in art, to talk about their favourite artists, sources of inspiration and their future aspirations.

External candidates should also submit the following:

  • GCSE Art predicted grade and mock examination result.
  • A written reference from their school Art teacher of no more than 200 words.

Application deadlines for 6th Form Art scholarship deadlines are the same as key dates for 11+.

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Art Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
Meet some of Our Art Scholars: Amelia and Sylvie


Mimi, joined SCHS in the Upper Third as an Art scholar. Now in the Sixth From her art has grown in scope and size. Sylvie was awarded an art scholarship in the sixth form for her outstanding contributions to the art department. Together they run art club for the lower school.

Looking at my Art work for the U3 until now I can trace the improvement” – Amelia Langford

“Running an Art club for younger years has helped with not only my art, but also imagination and organisation. We have to set a new creative task each week” – Sylvie Arkwright

SCHS Art Scholarship Checklist
In order to apply, we kindly ask you to check through the list of requirements for a successful submission below.

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