Nursery & Reception | Early Years at Clapham & Streatham Prep School

We are unrivalled in empowering our girls to discover, nurture and project their unique identities and character.

Ruth Lockyer
BEd (Plymouth)
Head of Early Years

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)?

The EYFS have seven areas of learning. These are:

Three Prime Areas: Personal, Social and emotional Development, Communication & language and Physical Development.

Four Specific Areas: Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World (including ICT) and Expressive Art and Design

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Why is our Early Years setting outstanding, particularly for girls before the age of 3?

Many girls are ready for more stimulation as they approach the age of 3: they have a range of skills that have already developed such as their attention span and physical abilities and so they are fully capable of starting in our Nursery before they are 3. This naturally encourages the 4 year olds to become role-models to the ‘rising 3s’.

“By joining as a ‘rising 3’ she has had the opportunity to form a very solid and diverse educational and social foundation, which will be her touchstone for years to come.”

What does our Nursery curriculum look like?

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