Nursery & Reception | Early Years | Clapham & Streatham Prep School

Nursery & Reception | Early Years | Clapham & Streatham Prep School
We know every girl as an individual and understand what they need at the beginning of their school journey. Our girls are part of a loving caring family, safe in an environment where they can truly thrive.

Every day brings new discoveries and experiences. We open minds to endless possibilities. We foster imaginations through meaningful play and social interaction. Girls receive almost one-to-one support as we start to build the academic foundations and encourage them to find their own voices.

Nursery and Reception are the two stages of our Early Years Foundation programme for girls aged 3 and 4.  We focus on making sure our girls develop the strong foundations they need for happiness and self-confidence as much as academic success.

About us

  • Our curriculum is trailblazing. Our girls are taught specialist subjects, including French, Mandarin, Music and Physical Education, by experts, as well as coding, phonics and outdoor learning by our class teachers.
  • Our class sizes are small, providing individualised attention.
  • We offer a full-size, purpose-built gymnasium, dedicated music room, computer lab and art studio, as well as extensive outdoor facilities for sports, play and learning.
  • Our dedicated Early Years Outdoor Play Area enables and encourages girls to take risks, learn resilience and work as a team.
  • As girls’ education experts for over 130 years, our knowledge and tailored approach to fostering well-being, self-confidence and academic success in girls is woven into everything that we do, starting in Nursery.
  • We are a through-school enabling girls who join us in Nursery to stay with us all the way through to Streatham & Clapham High School and Sixth Form.

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