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Sixth Form: New Prefect Team Announced

We are delighted to announce the appointment of the new SCHS Prefect Team.

SCHS - 2020 Prefect Team

Our outgoing Head Girl, Haleema, and her team have left big shoes to fill but the new team, led by Maria Goldman, are excited by the challenge of leading the school community — particularly during these unprecedented times.

The team has been meeting virtually and has many plans over the coming weeks to keep the SCHS community motivated and connected, so watch this space!

SCHS Head Girl — Maria Goldman

In lieu of our normal Prefect Handover Ceremony, Maria writes:

It has now come to the time of year where the roles of the prefects are changing and renewing, and I should like to start by saying how amazing the outgoing prefect team has been throughout the course of the year. I can safely say on behalf of the incoming prefects how much of an inspiration Haleema and her team have been in fulfilling their roles to the highest capability and their endless capacity to act as role models for the school community. I know their consistent leadership, time and dedication that each prefect put into their role have given myself and the incoming team tremendous motivation to continue their hard work into the forthcoming academic year. On top of this I should like to add how approachable and open the outgoing team have been, in always offering their advice and guidance which I know has greatly benefited many a student at our school. I should personally like to say an enormous thank you to Haleema for being an incredible head girl, who has not just been hard-working, dedicated and passionate in her role, but also had the affability and friendliness that made her stand out as being the exceptional leader she has been. I am extremely honoured and proud to be able to have the opportunity to represent the school as head girl and take over from the incredible Haleema, and her exceptional team of prefects. Haleema and her team have set the bar very high; however, I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by an amazing prefect team currently, and have absolute faith that we shall be able to do the outgoing team proud. I should like to say one more massive thank you to Haleema and all the prefects in the outgoing team, and wish them all the best for the future as they prepare to leave SCHS.

Please welcome all our new prefects to their roles:

Head Girl — Maria Goldman
Deputy Head Girls — Olivia Dower, Isabelle Marin-Curtoud and Malika Zohidova

SCHS Deputy Head Girl — Olivia Dower

SCHS Deputy Head Girl — 2

SCHS Deputy Head Girl — 3

House Captains:

Carter — Amelia Goetz and Joely To
Knights — Pollyanna Baker and Lily Christophilopoulos
Fawcett — Hafsah Mukadam and Katie Robinson
Franklin — Georgina Gadian and Isabella Pasqua
Paston Brown — Elinor Elcombe and Shannon Darko

Alumnae Relations — Athena Ganesh and Sierra Kebbie
Events & Marketing — Megan Camilleri and Abby Gant
Partnerships & Community — Jessica Telling and Ellie McCollum
Prep School — Haleema Ayub and Alexia Oakley
Pupil Voice — Leah Atakelt Wubneh and Mercedes Tanju
Sport — Lauren Gollop and Holly Trumper
Welfare — Maria Berruti and Amelia Gore

We wish this new team every success for the year ahead.

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