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Year 7 ISEB FAQ – September 2025 Entry

What is the ISEB? 
The ISEB Common Pre-Test is an age-standardised assessment that students take in the autumn term of Year 6. It is a digital, adaptive test, meaning that the difficulty of questions adjusts based on the student’s performance as they progress through the exam.  

The test covers four key areas:

Mathematics: Assessing numerical understanding and problem-solving skills.
English: Evaluating comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.
Verbal Reasoning: Testing the ability to understand and reason using words.
Non Verbal Reasoning: Assessing the ability to understand and analyse visual information, identifying patterns and relationships.

How do I register for the ISEB?
Please use this link to register for a free ISEB account. Once registered, you will need to provide us with your daughter’s unique ISEB testing code.  

Will I have to pay for my daughter to take the ISEB test?
No, there is no fee for families and registration is free.

When do I register for the ISEB?
Registrations open on Monday 10 June 2024.

How do I provide my daughter’s ISEB code to SCHS?
The easiest way to provide your daughter’s ISEB code is to log into your SCHS Admissions Portal

If you submitted a registration to SCHS before 10 June 2024, we will contact you after the ISEB registration window opens to request your daughter’s testing code.

If you applied to us after 10 June 2024 then you must provide to us the ISEB testing code at the point of submitting a registration formTo do so, you will need to register for a free ISEB account using the information provide above.  

How does my daughter take the ISEB?
The Common Pre-Test is taken online, either at your daughter’s own school or at a prospective future school, under exam conditions. It’s designed to be convenient for schools and families, as it can be taken at any point during the assessment period set by the ISEB, usually between October and early January of Year 6.  

Where does my daughter take the ISEB?
When registering for an ISEB account, you will need to select where your daughter will take the test.  

If a pupil can take the ISEB at their own school, then they should do their exam there. However, if you have completed a full registration to Streatham & Clapham High School and your daughter does not have the option to sit the ISEB at her current school then she may sit it at our Senior School by selecting us as the invigilation centre. You do not need to check with us before selecting us as the test centre.

Alternatively, your daughter can take the ISEB at another school that she is registered for who use this test as part of their admissions process.  

When will my daughter take the ISEB?

There is a testing window in the autumn term of Year 6. Pupils applying to SCHS are asked to take the ISEB assessment between November and December and no later than the deadline of Monday 9 December 2024. If your daughter is sitting the ISEB at her current school or at another invigilation centre of your choice, you will need to check with them when it will be scheduled for.

Our on-site ISEB test date is scheduled for Saturday 7 December 2024. This is the only date we will be hosting the assessment. If you are applying to multiple schools that administer the ISEB, we always recommend going with the earliest possible date that you can. Due to constraints on the number of pupils we can welcome to take the ISEB at SCHS on our test day, we will always prioritise pupils for whom SCHS is the only school they are applying to that administers the ISEB and who are also unable to take it at their current school.

How do I learn more about what this exam is going to be like?
Please visit the Parents’ section of the ISEB website here. You can access a practice test here

How will academic Scholarships be determined this year?
All of our offers, including Academic Scholarship awards, will be made based on holistic admissions review encompassing ISEB results, metric data from the Group Observation Activity and the Creative Writing Task as well as all the other information we have available to us about candidates, including school reports and references. All candidates are automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship and there is no separate application required.

My daughter has SEND. How do I request extra provision for the ISEB?
Applicants with SEND may receive an additional time allowance for each test element, subject to senior schools’ agreement. Guardians should request this through the ISEB Guardian Portal during registration. Prior to this, you must confirm the required evidence, typically an Educational Psychologist’s report, with the senior school(s) you are applying to. As SEND policies vary, consultation with prospective schools’ SEND Coordinators (SENCO) is advised. This documentation must be uploaded during registration for the extra time request on the ISEB portal. Senior schools will review the evidence in the applicant’s record; if it fails to meet their criteria, they may challenge the request, as detailed in the ISEB Common Pre-Tests SEND Guidance documentation. 

How do I access my daughter’s ISEB results?
We are unable to provide specific ISEB scores because there is no grade or pass mark awarded. We can provide some context on your daughter’s overall performance in our admissions assessments verbally, but this is only possible after our acceptance deadline.

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