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How do I learn more about what this exam is going to be like?
Please visit the ISEB website here

When will my daughter take this exam?
If your school is administering it, they will specify the date that your daughter will be taking the exam. Please ask your daughter’s school for details.

My daughter goes to a school that is not administering the ISEB test, how will she take it?
If your daughter’s school is not administering the exam, please speak to each of the Independent Secondary Schools that you have applied to as some will administer the ISEB Online Pre-Test in November or early December. If this is the case, please do let us know the school name, location and date which will update and give to ISEB. Your daughter only needs to take the test once.

For any applicants who are not applying to other schools or the exam date is later, we will confirm arrangements to have them sit the ISEB at SCHS in mid-December.

Due to Covid, my daughter missed out on a considerable portion of learning during the Summer Term. How will you consider this?
We are aware that many girls were unable to take part in a full programme of lessons last year and we shall consider the totality of each girl’s application, including references and school reports, as well as the test results.

How will academic scholarships be determined this year?
Offers of academic scholarships will be made on the basis of both the ISEB results, interview, creative writing as well as all the other information we have about candidates, including school reports and references.

Can I book a visit to see the school?
Yes. Candidates for 2022 may book for an Open Event. Registration is available here

Will I have to pay for my daughter to take the ISEB test?
No.  Neither applicants nor their primary schools are charged for the test.  Once you apply to Streatham & Clapham High School, the charge for your daughter’s ISEB test is sent to us.

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