Sports Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School

Sports Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
Since joining SCHS my sporting abilities have really been stepped up a level. My highlights have been the GDST wide competitions.

Francesca Boardman

What it Means to be a SCHS Sports Scholar

Our scholars are girls in whom we see exceptional talent or potential. Our sports scholars are invited to participate in all SCHS sporting events and opportunities, which include:

  • Regular matches and tournaments across all sports
  • GDST wide annual rallies
  • Umpiring and coaching
  • Sports honours awards
  • All scholars have the opportunity to participate in a strength and conditioning programme with our Head of Rowing
  • Attend the GDST Sports Scholars Day.

Just as we nurture their sporting talent and provide unique, door-opening opportunities, our scholars also serve as role models to inspire and encourage others in the school and the wider community, whether its leading our interhouse sport competitions or hosting clubs and special assemblies.

What we expect

Applications will be considered from girls participating in the following core sports: netball, hockey, rowing, gymnastics, athletics.

Other sports will be considered, but a pupil must be at County level or above.

Sports scholar responsibilities

  • To attend compulsory sessions and bespoke specialist events, as arranged.
  • To represent the school in sporting events, internally and externally (including Trust events).
  • To make constructive use of the sporting skills developed.
  • To take an active role in fixtures, training and House sport, which should take priority over external activities, except in the event of a clash through selection for representative teams at County level or above.


  • Outdoor all-weather pitch
  • Sports hall
  • Netball and tennis courts
  • Dance studio
  • Gym
  • Access to Thames boat house
  • New Sports Pavilion

How To Apply — 11+

Candidates must submit a reference from a sports club supporting the application and a reference from their school’s sports department confirming that the applicant is performing at School, Club, County or Regional level in the last two years.

A personal statement of not more than 300 words written by the applicant to include

      • A list of teams your daughter has represented
      • A list of Representational honours
      • Any other relevant information, including times and distances (which may be provided in the box on the application form or attached as a separate document).

Sports scholarship candidates will be invited to a sports assessment on Wednesday 20 November 2024. Successful candidates will be invited to a second assessment and interview on Wednesday 15 January 2025.

Gymnasts should prepare a short routine (no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds).  We recommend sending music in advance where possible to, however we can also play music via a personal device through bluetooth or an aux cord. Please wear a leotard under your sports kit.

The deadline for specialist scholarship applications is Thursday 31 October 2024.

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How To Apply — 16+

Applicants wishing to be considered for a Sport Scholarship should have a significant strength, county level (or equivalent) or above, in at least one of the sports offered at Streatham & Clapham High

Criteria for the Sports Scholarship at 16+ are:

      • A high level of representation (at least County Level or higher) in a major sport at which SCHS is represented:- hockey, football, cricket, rowing, netball, athletics, cross – country.
      • Proven leadership qualities.
      • An excellent record of commitment and sportsmanship.

If your sport isn’t on the list above please don’t be put off. We do consider applications from candidates who demonstrate exceptional talent in other sports.

Candidates must submit:

      • A reference from a sports club and from their school’s sports department confirming that the applicant is performing at a County or National competition level.
      • A personal statement of not more than 300 words written by the applicant (which may be provided in the box on the application form or attached as a separate document).

Selected candidates will be invited to an assessment day where they will be tested on their leadership skills. Candidates will have to deliver a coaching session to a small group of Year 7 students in their chosen sport.

Sports scholarships will be made mainly on the basis of performance at the assessment day, a short interview with the Director of Sport but also with consideration of the supporting reference(s), current sporting performance and application form.

It is essential for candidates to have previous experience of playing sport at a high level at their current school and outside of school. Successful candidates must be willing to make a commitment to play for school teams in our performance core sports during their time at SCHS. Being outstanding in at least one of these sports and being able to contribute significantly is vital.

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Sports Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
Meet one of Our Sports Scholars: Francesca

Fran joined SCHS in the U3 as a keen hockey player and swimmer but had never played netball before. Now in the sixth form, she plays plays for Spencer women’s and junior hockey and plays netball for Aces and London Pulse and has competed in the U18 Netball National competitions. She regularly coaches U12 hockey and umpires matches and tournaments. When she leaves school she hopes to study sport or physio therapy at university and continue to play netball and hockey at University level.

As a scholar my confidence and leadership has grown. Playing with older girls allowed my own sporting development to flourish.

Francesca Boardman

Sport Scholarship Application Checklist
In order to apply, we kindly ask you to check through the list of requirements for a successful submission below.

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