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Each girl has the opportunity to enjoy learning for its own sake.

Enrichment through Kinza.
Fearless Wednesdays

Kinza’ — an Arabic term meaning ‘hidden treasure’.

Streatham & Clapham High School’s ‘Kinza’ programme is one of the most exciting features of our curriculum and exemplifies our commitment to ‘fearless learning’.

Through the weekly Kinza sessions, each pupil has the opportunity to explore various types of subject enrichment freely, with no examination pressure at the end, all the while enjoying the process of learning and developing new skills. Each Kinza course reflects the personal interests and expertise of the teaching staff.

In Upper Third, our pupils rotate around a carousel of courses, designed to build teamwork, to provide academic stretch and challenge and an opportunity to collaborate with pupils, not in their classes or house.

In Lower Fourth to Upper Fifth, each pupil participates in several different activities that she has selected, giving her the opportunity to be bold and try out a variety of new activities, collaborating with younger and older peers and teachers. The subjects on offer provide a wide spectrum of choice for each SCHS pupil and cover an extremely broad range of activities.

The Kinza programme is a salient feature of an SCHS education.


Why is enrichment important?

We aim enable every girl to achieve beyond the bounds of expectation on a daily basis, across the spectrum of endeavour. That’s why all of our enrichment options aim to inspire, nourish and develop each girl’s skills, experiences and imagination. Explore our other enrichment options below.

Enrichment: Kinza Options 2020/21

Upper Third Kinza

Anthropology for the 21st Century

Anthropology’s basic concern is humankind in its widest sense: from our evolutionary origins to current cultural practices. Through a variety of fun activities, the course will introduce you to relevant key terms such as cultural relativism, ethnography, fieldwork, informants, multiculturalism, ritual, social class and urbanisation. Learn more about the discipline’s sub-fields – biological, social, development and medical anthropology in particular – and famous anthropologists by looking at both classic ethnographies and frontline research from around the world. Discover what anthropologists do and what your career options as an anthropologist are. We will also look at cross-cultural differences and similarities through the lens of fashion; you will research changes in indigenous dress in different cultures and get the opportunity to design a costume that you deem to represent your own ‘cultural’ identity.
Further details: see Dr van Heerden


If you like making things, this activity is for you. Engineering is the branch of science to do with mechanisms, structures and design. In Engineering, you will compete in practical challenges creating things that work. To start out, we will be looking at architectural structures, gliders and how to make cars go fast.
Further details: see Mr Lynch


Football is a game of teamwork, individual skill and a great way of having fun and keeping fit with friends, and indeed for making them! It is an aerobic sport which can help to improve your heart and lung function, as well as increasing your energy and stamina. The activity on the pitch can also help reduce stress and increase happiness. We will work through skills and fitness each week so be prepared to train as well as play. This is a course for all abilities from the complete novice to a club pro. Please wear PE kit and shin pads.

Further details: see Mr Spooner

‘Once Upon a Time….’ An Exploration of the Fairy Tale

From dazzling princesses, handsome princes, evil stepmothers, and goblins to carnivorous wolves, poisoned apples, glass slippers and mirrors, the protagonists and images of fairy tales have cast a spell over readers and audiences for centuries. Passed down from generation to generation, these tales reveal an incredible amount about the societies in which they were produced.  During this activity, we will be looking at a wide range of fairy tales, focusing on original texts and how they have been subverted to incorporate the values of modern audiences. We will delve into the realms of poetry, creative writing, film, art and fashion- be prepared to be enchanted! 
Further details: see Miss Shaw

Sportshall Athletics

Sportshall Athletics is an indoor form of track and field. The activity was created by George Bunner MBE to provide a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train during the cold and dark winter months. It developed into a new form of team competition and the first ever Sportshall competition took place in 1976. Today it is the largest competition in the School Games framework! Come join in this activity where we will focus on fitness and multi-skill development providing a grounding for all your sports. It is totally inclusive, encourages you to get fit and promotes friendship whilst having fun! It will provide you the stepping stone for the summer athletics and you might even compete for SCHS or Lambeth! Please wear your PE Kit.

Lower Fourth-Upper Fifth Kinza

“But it’s nothing like the book”

Do you have a favourite book? Do you have a favourite movie? Do you have a favourite book to movie adaptation – or are you always disappointed? Or maybe you feel that there are movies out there which are better by far than the books from which they were spawned?
What is a book, after all? Lowly paper and ink, printed words, capturing the madly spun ideas of one writer’s mind and allowing whatever interpretations and visualisations we want to make as we enter this alternative world. That is the beauty of reading.
How can a movie compete? Well – perhaps it can! Perhaps a film can bring new life to a well-loved story as directors and actors create their ideas and vision – even taking it to a whole new level. If this interests you, then sign up for this course. We will do some book reading; some movie watching; and lots of talking about our views. See you there!
Further details: see Miss Graham

Architecture through Time

Architecture and buildings profoundly affect our everyday life, determining not only how our environment looks but also our interactions, both with each other and the world around us. You will discover different styles of architecture and how they have changed through history. Each session you will have the opportunity to put into practise the architectural understanding that you have gained and will design their own building in the style studied during the session. Starting with Ancient Greek and Roman architecture, we will then journey through the wonders of medieval architecture, explore the marvels of Renaissance architecture and the excesses of the Baroque, before discovering the architecture of the Georgian and Victorian eras. Finally, we arrive in the 20th and 21st centuries where we will discover how modern technology has been able to transform what is possible in architecture, with the building of the tallest buildings ever created in human history. If you are interested in architecture, history or art – and in discovering how the world around us has developed and changed over time, this is the course for you.
Further details: see Miss Morris

Art History: The Reception of Greek Art

2500 years ago, a cultural revolution in Athens paved the way for a Golden Age in art that has influenced artists from Michelangelo to Henry Moore since. But was it actually a ‘Golden Age’? Is the Greek idea of beauty really beauty? Where are the real women? In this course, we shall study how basic ideas in Greek art have been reflected in art through the ages, as well as analysing through discussion what the reception of this Greek art says about the ideals of society at that time.
Further details: see Ms Walker

Asian Fusion

Have you heard of BTS, Blackpink or Girls’ Generation? Do you want to explore how the music industry of South Korea became so popular? Do you want to learn more about the Vietnam war? Do you want to find out about the Great Wall of China? Do you want to learn how to complete a brain-scratching sudoku puzzle or master the art of origami? There is a little bit of everything in Asian Fusion.
Further Details: see Ms Nguyen

Being Mindful = Mindful Being

Heard of mindfulness? Perhaps you’ve tried it. Can it help you as an individual or our community? Perhaps it could help solve wider problems? In a typical session we will start by using a short guided-meditation to create mental space and focus. After this, we will consider a range of important issues from considering the impact of our actions upon the earth’s ecosystems to other movements and ideas such as random acts of kindness, the concept of first world problems and the notion of ‘act local – think global’.This activity will help you personally: it may help when studying, help you build better relationships with others and promote better physical and mental health. Most importantly, it will help you become more connected to others and make a positive impact on the wider world.
Further details: see Mr Doddridge

Beyond Crisis, Finding Hope

According to the most recent estimates by the World Bank, roughly 767 million people live in extreme poverty. This is characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking-water, sanitation facilities, access to health care, shelter, and a primary education. This initiative will explore the nature of poverty and collaborate on a series of fundraisers designed directly to support young entrepreneurs in the developing world. Over the course of the term, we will evaluate the effectiveness of micro-finance and learn about how our contributions help young people in desperate circumstances improve their quality of life and general welfare.
Further details: see Mr Brackrog

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook!

Are you interested in cooking but just cannot cook? Do you love watching cooking programmes like Come Dine with Me? If so, come to Can’t Cook Won’t Cook; you will be given an opportunity to cook food that interests you. For example, you might be interested in foods from around the globe, or you might wonder how different tastes are created. If you are a foodie, or an aspiring gourmand, join us for this exciting experience. There is a small cost involved as you are responsible for providing your own ingredients.
Further details see: Ms Akintunde


The CCF offers numerous opportunities and adventurous activities to develop leadership skills, resilience, teamwork and have a lot of fun. The CCF provides you with new skills and experiences from learning to sail to sleeping on a ‘Type 82 Destroyer’. The Combined Cadet Force (Royal Navy) is run in partnership with La Retraite School. We take a minibus to La Retraite and you will be dismissed from La Retraite at 4.15pm. You are expected to commit to the CCF for at least a year, but we hope that you take part for longer, moving up the ranks. A uniform will be provided, but you will need to purchase your own boots.
Further details see: SLt Reader

Ceramic Tea Party

Welcome to a ceramic tea party. If you like working with clay then don your apron and join us for a tea party you will not forget. We will make jugs, cups and teapots, any vessel to look the part on a blanket in the park or with the Mad Hatter thwarting Alice’s request for a beverage! We look forward to seeing you.
Further details: see Mr Sharma


The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people, providing science enrichment activities. It is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for project work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.  CREST gives students the chance to participate in hands-on science through investigations and enquiry-based learning. The awards are well regarded, high quality and a tangible recognition of success.  We will be offering the Bronze and Silver awards which both provide a real-life experience of ‘being’ a scientist and working on STEM projects, allowing you to experience the project process; improving your enquiry, problem solving and communication skills. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in science and is enthusiastic about developing their laboratory and independent study skills. Please note that this option is not suitable for rowers.
Further details: see Miss Ferguson

Crime Fiction

How do you like your crime fiction? Hard-boiled or cosy? Or maybe you prefer a good whodunit or police procedural. If you are a fan of stories about crime and criminals, this course is for you. You will be learning about different kinds of crime fiction, creating your own detectives and learning how to write the perfect murder mystery. You will also be studying examples of crime fiction and seeing what you can steal from other authors. So exercise your little grey cells, ignore the red herrings and solve the mystery of what to do on Wednesday afternoons.
Further details: see Mr Williams

Eco Activism

With activists and scientists sounding the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis, what role can we play in engaging with this complex issue? Feedback from the collaborative forum during Climate Week 2020 was a desire to be taught what to do (rather than what not to do), to deeply explore, discuss and understand the many issues and to be given opportunities to bring about real, positive change. During this course, we will watch and discuss documentaries like ‘2040’, learn how to bring about change, like writing effective letters/emails to MPs and companies, listen to talks from community and global experts, and help implement ‘Eco School’ and community actions
Further details: see Mrs Wheeler and Mrs James

First Aid

Have you ever wondered if what they do on Casualty is realistic? If so, then participate in this first aid course. We shall cover the basics of first aid, including what to do in the event of minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, how to use the equipment in a first aid kit, and what to do if you need to resuscitate someone. This course is useful for anyone, although it will be particularly beneficial to those doing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or overseas expeditions.
Further details: see Mme. Casset


What is fashion? Is it a trend, an expression, a designer collection, a style? Fashion does not mean just clothes and shoes, fashion is a social system that uses dress to communicate meaning, both to the wearer and the wider society. We talk about fashion as aesthetic, cultural, social, qualitative, exclusive, sustainable, aspirational and more. Have you heard of sustainable fashion and haute couture? Do you know the difference? How is fashion created? Do you know how a fashion designer stages a fashion show at London Fashion Week? Do you know why they stage these shows? What is the business behind fashion? This course will take you into the fashion world. It will help you understand more about fashion, fashion marketing, fashion media and the role of the international fashion weeks. It may open your eyes to think about what fashion really is. Is it an art, a culture, an experience or a commercial business? Shall we put on our own fashion show before the end of term?
Further details: see Miss Ren

From Pi to Infinity

Studying maths helps us to find patterns and structure in our lives. Practically, maths helps us put a price on things, create graphics, build websites, build skyscrapers and generally understand how things work or predict how they might change over time and under different conditions (flood and weather forecasting, share prices, mortgages, salaries and pensions).
Maths is the one of the best subjects to develop our analytical, research and problem-solving. It gives us the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems and helps us to develop logic to tackle everyday issues. These skills are highly valued by universities and employers.

Despite all its advantages, many are afraid of Maths and so shy away from it. This course will dispel those fears and show you, in an easy and friendly way, the beauty of Maths and its usefulness in everyday life, using games, puzzles and quizzes.
Further details: see Mr Chaudery

Just Dance

When you watch ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or ‘The Greatest Dancer’, do you wish that you could join the dancers on the floor? Do you always want to move when the music starts to play? Come and join others in choreographing new routines every week. All abilities are welcome.
Further details: see Mr Rivett

Lego Masters

Are you a skilled brick fanatic? Are you ready to do battle weekly across a range of different categories? Then Lego Masters is for you! Each week you will have a different challenge to build for the session. Working in pairs that will change every week, strive to be the top of the leader board by the end of the term to win eternal glory (and a small prize).
Further details: see Ms Thane-Woodhams

Media Studies

From our love of television to cinema, radio to podcasts, social networking apps to the printed press – the media plays a big part of our every day. Studying it with a critical eye has never been so relevant than it is in this, the internet age; an age that has also been described as “post-truth”. Media Studies will help you to engage with the world using a shrewd, analytical eye. You willl learn about the important debates of our time, and how they are presented to us. This course is for anyone interested in critical thinking, debate, and the world around them.
Further details: see Ms Feehan

Mexico – a land of contradictions?

Mexico is larger than Europe and is a country of many contrasts. It has the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world with a population of 128 million people. It is a vibrant tourist destination with a Caribbean and a Pacific coastline, varied flora and fauna and an exciting history. We will study the Mayans and the Aztecs and the conquest by the Spanish. We will see how this affected the Mexico that we see today. We will investigate the art, architecture, gastronomy, festivals and even reality television of modern Mexico.
Further details: see Mrs Helszajn

Politics 101

Have you wondered how Donald Trump became President, despite winning fewer votes than his rival? Perhaps you have questioned the Queen’s role in UK politics? Or maybe you’ve heard people talk about ‘left’, ‘right’ or ‘centre’ in politics, but are not quite sure what it means? This course will explore the political world around you, helping you better understand the political structures and process that exists today. In doing so, you will be able to familiarise, understand and critique the world around you through a political lens.
Further details: see Mr Lee

Quiz Me! 

Are you full of random facts? Do you enjoy challenging your opponents? Do you want to showcase, or develop, your general knowledge? Do you get ‘a buzz’ from guessing correctly? Then ‘Quiz Me!’ may be for you. Work both individually and in teams to create and participate in ‘quiz offs’ and even host your own quiz show. Deal or No Deal? 
Further details: see Mrs Burton

Sport Leadership

Are you interested in learning how to develop your leadership skills through sport? Here you will learn how to umpire and officiate different sporting events, extend your knowledge and understanding of a variety of sports and develop your leadership, team working and interpersonal skills that will benefit you for life. On completion of this course, you will obtain a recognised umpiring qualification and have the opportunity to support the PE department in running a sporting event. This course is ideal for anyone who has a passion for sport at any level. Please wear your PE kit.
Further details: see Mrs Grant

Touch Rugby

The main objective of touch rugby is to have fun and enjoy learning to play rugby, whilst experiencing the responsibility of being a member of a team. Touch is a brilliant social sport,suitable for all ages and sporting abilities,where pupils play together in a competitive environment.You do not need any rugby experience as the game is all about running and passing where agility, speed and hand-eye co-ordination are the key skills. Please wear your PE kit.
Further details: see Miss Ruffman

¡Viva España!

Spanish culture is widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine. But is that all Spain is known for? It has much more to offer than that. It is – and has been for thousands of years- one of the most famous and cultural centres of Europe. This is a great opportunity to discover the main traditions, festivals and food of the Spaniards. You will also learn about renowned Spanish artist such as Diego Velázquez, Miró, Dalí or Pablo Picasso and writers such as Miguel de Cervantes or Federico García Lorca. Do not miss this opportunity and join us!
Further details see: Miss García


Do you want to exercise, improve your posture and learn some breathing and relaxation techniques? Yoga is the place to incorporate all of these skills. Yoga comes from an ancient tradition developed over 5,000 years ago in Northern India, and many people today find it is good for both your body and mind. We will be drawing upon a few different types of yoga practice and using a variety of exercises and postures. You can go at your own pace, so this is suitable for all ages and experience with yoga. Please bring leggings or PE kit.
Further details: see Ms May

Young Money

‘How does a credit card work – is it free money?”Pensions?! Aren’t they just for older people?’ Money can be a touchy subject and many of us feel awkward discussing our finances. To be really financially capable, young people need help understanding the practicalities of managing money, day-to-day and for the long term. Young Moneywill help you understand the different elements involved in making sound financial judgements now and when you are an adult. It is important to remember that while finance can come across as stuffy, it’s an exciting, fast-moving industry that impacts every element of life.Think about the information you may need to use in day-to-day circumstances – budgeting, bank accounts, credit cards and how to save for a rainy day. In the end, you should have a much firmer understanding of how to make financial decisions as a young adult and feel confident about being financially independent when your life moves on from school.

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