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Examination Results

GCSE Results 2020

Well done to all our GCSE pupils, who have remained fearless and resilient during this challenging time. We are pleased that all their hard work and dedication have paid off. It is particularly cheering to see 78% of all grades were grades 7-9 (compared with 27% nationally) and that 28% of all grades were grade 9 (compared with just 6% nationally). Good luck to our girls in their next step, where they will continue to learn without limits in their Sixth Form years.

2020 Percentage of GCSE Results
Grades 7-9: 78% of all grades
Grade 9: 28.2% of all grades

2020 GCSE Results Summary

A Level Results 2020


  • At least 88% of SCHS girls have secured a place at their first-choice university.


  • SCHS girls obtained A* grades at a rate 56% better than the national average. This year, 14% of SCHS grades awarded were A* compared to a national (and record) rate of 9%.
  • SCHS saw 41.8% of results awarded at A* or A, bettering the UK national average by a rate 50% (27.9% of marks were A and A* nationally)


  • The percentage of A* or A grades awarded to SCHS girls increased by 23% year-on-year.
  • A*, A and B marks combined increased by 7% year-on-year and accounted for 72.3% of all SCHS A Level marks.

2020 Percentage of A Level Results
A*-A 53.8%
A*-B 82.6%

2020 A Level Results Summary

Thursday 13 August 2020

We salute all our girls.  They have shown tremendous resilience in the face of the most disrupted academic year this nation has known in at least a century.  Focusing on the next exciting and hard-won chapter of their lives, we already know that at least 37 SCHS girls will be attending the university they selected prior to the global pandemic and the national cancellation of public examinations.  A gifted and diverse class, the SCHS outgoing Upper Sixth girls have won prestigious places including at St George’s Medical School, Manchester University and King’s College London just to name a few.

Of course, this year is like no other. Instead of arriving en masse for the ‘big reveal’ that has been a ritual since A Levels were introduced in 1951, our girls have had to weather the suspense of waiting for their results until the same mid-August Thursday, like all other cohorts. However, the class of 2020 was denied the historic sense of emotional ‘closure’ that is associated with a graded examination result (irrespective if that ‘closure’ is sometimes one of disappointment and sometimes one of elation).  It is therefore natural, in the face of so much turbulence plus changing messages in the media about the process, to feel unsettled. It is therefore a tribute to the SCHS teaching and pastoral staff and, in particular, the girls themselves, who embody our school’s values, that the class of 2020 has shown such strength, courage, determination and creativity in the face of a pandemic that has challenged them to demonstrate a level of self-awareness and personal leadership seldom asked of girls their age.  In addition to this cohort performing 56% better than the national average in their A level grades, all SCHS girls have faced a rigorous test of strength of character and passed admirably.

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