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Senior School Admissions

Pupils may be admitted to the school at any age, but the principal points of entry are at 11+, 13+, and 16+ (Sixth Form). Please complete our online application form below if you wish to apply.

In the last academic year the school was significantly over-subscribed and was obliged to operate a waiting-list for girls wishing to secure a place.

Before the school can consider any candidate for entry, the application form must be completed and submitted, together with:

  • a non-refundable registration fee of £125 (£150 for overseas applicants)
  • a current photograph
  • a copy of her end-of-year 5/8 school report (when available)
  • a copy of her passport (or birth certificate if no passport is held)

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For occasional vacancies in other years please contact our Registrar, Mrs Janine Funsch at or download our Senior School Application Form.

Please complete the online Application Form, which should be submitted before Friday 19 November 2021 (Friday 12 November 2021 for any applications which indicate an interest in a bursary place or specialist scholarship application).

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Entrance Exams, Creative Writing Submissions and Interviews

11+ Entrance Exams (Special Arrangements for 2021 Admissions)

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, SCHS is suspending its traditional entrance-examination arrangements for external 11+ candidates (which comprised of English and Mathematics papers, taken at SCHS in the January ahead of the academic year of admission).  Instead, we shall require all external candidates for 11+ admission for September 2022 to sit the ISEB (Independent Schools’ Examination Board) Common Pre-Test, which is an online and adaptive test comprising exercises in English, Mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. In addition to the exam, we shall ask candidates to complete a piece of creative writing, in connected prose, on a choice of topics.

Familiarisation With the ISEB Test 

Further details are available here, including a familiarisation exercise.

The ISEB have confirmed that no specific preparation is required in order to sit these tests. 


We envisage that the majority of candidates at prep schools will take this test at their school between November and early January on a date of their school’s choosing.

Candidates at maintained primary schools, independent schools which have both junior and senior wings, or who cannot sit the examination at their present schools for any reason will sit this examination at SCHS between mid December 2021 through to 8th January 2022, or other reserve dates, suitably socially distanced.


We will interview candidates in the Autumn term of 2021.

Managing The Changes

We recognise that this year’s approach constitutes a marked shift from our previous arrangements (necessitated by the present Covid-19 pandemic and the risk of further restrictions on the operation of schools as we proceed into the winter season). We are aware that the ISEB includes verbal and non-verbal components which have previously not been part of our entrance examination.  In this regard, please be reassured that we shall survey the breadth of results and available evidence to assess candidates’ aptitude and will give special consideration to all prospective pupils in the light of the mixed educational experiences that they may have had in recent months.

In particular, the results in the English and Mathematics components will, this year, carry more weight in the admissions process than the verbal and non-verbal reasoning scores, as we are aware that a number of candidates will not be familiar with these types of exercises.

Academic Scholarships

Offers of academic scholarships will be made on the basis of the entrance-examination results and all the other information we have about the candidates, including school reports and references.

Reducing Stress

We are also mindful that other schools use the ISEB Common Pre-Test for the purposes of 11+ assessment and that, by joining with them in adopting this approach, SCHS is reducing the number of discrete examinations that 11+ candidates sit, in turn relieving them of additional anxiety and the stress of preparing for a multiplicity of assessments, all with different demands.

Confirmation of the arrangements for the examinations

Once we receive your application, we shall confirm with your school details of the examination procedure.  If your daughter is not taking the ISEB exam at her school, we will let you know arrangements for taking the entrance exam at SCHS in early December 2021.

Entrance Examinations: Key Dates

11+ ISEB onsite

Mid December 2021 through to 8th January 2022 (subject to change)

13+ Entrance Examination

January 2022 (TBC)

16+ Entrance Examination

January 2022 (TBC)

Confirmation of the arrangements for the examinations will be sent to parents of all registered candidates by letter in December 2021.

Selection & Offers

The offer of a place is made by the Head Master on the evidence of:

  • the candidate’s performance in the entrance examination;
  • a copy of the candidate’s most recent school report (and a confidential reference from the Head of her present school if requested).

Offers of 11+ places will be sent by first-class post on Thursday 11 February 2022 and Friday 12 February 2022 for 13+ and 16+. Offers are to be accepted by 12 noon on 3rd March 2022.

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11+ Academic Scholarships
Offers of academic scholarships, worth up to 25% of fees, will be made on the basis of the entrance-examination results and all the other information we have about the candidates, including school reports and references.

11+ Specialist Scholarships
A number of specialist scholarships, worth up to 25% of fees, are awarded to talented girls in the areas of Art, Drama, Music and Sport. To find out more please click on one of the links below:



A small number of means-tested bursaries, worth up to 100% of fees, are available only at 11+ entry.

Parents should indicate on the application form if they wish to be considered for a bursary. We shall then email applicants log-in details in order for them to complete an online bursary application. In addition to satisfying means-testing criteria, recipients of bursary awards must also score highly in our entrance examination.

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