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Located next to Tooting Common, our architecturally award-winning facilities are more than just buildings: they are spaces we have designed with the needs our girls in mind. They are places to inspire.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll see we are a family, not a factory, school.

In our reception we proudly display the artwork of girls, some of whom have gone on to be featured in the Royal Academy Summer Show. As you walk through our Japanese Water garden, an oasis of calm in buzzy London, you will see our Madeleine Dring Dining Hall. Madeleine Dring was an accomplished composer and musician who hails from the Streatham area. We are determined that great artists like Ms Dring do not even again become ‘forgotten women’ of their fields.

Girls take their meals, with staff, in the Madeleine Dring Hall. You’ll notice they sit at round tables, like a family.

We nurture, but never coerce, excellence

Our teachers are both experts in their fields and expert teachers. We firmly believe in each girl developing her own individual potential which is why we make sure she has enough time, space and support to find out just who she is.

We are a place for Fearless Learning… where girls grow in confidence

Our curriculum is tailored for the needs of the girl and not the other way around. However, academic pursuit is only one of many ways our girls learn about themselves and the world around them.

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Enrichment and Co-curricular activity is central to each girls’ development

We embrace all that is buzzy about London

We continuously innovate. We never stand still…

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