Healthy Eating | Streatham & Clapham Prep School

Our girls enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal. Every dish is homemade on the premises.

Streatham & Clapham Prep School girls are encouraged to develop healthy, relaxed and mindful eating habits.

In our dedicated and welcoming Dining Hall, our girls learn about nutrition and the importance of taking the time to eat a healthy lunch.

In addition to the daily menu, we offer girls delicious vegetarian options along with soup and a range of salads and desserts.

Each term, our Student Council meets with our Head Chef to discuss the food served at lunch and for tuck. Girls are invited to taste-test potential additions to the menu — cultivating their discernment, with their feedback valued.

Streatham & Clapham High School — Prep healthy lunch

How do we encourage a good relationship with food?

Observing proper cooking in an open kitchen space, our girls feel involved in not only menu selection, but also in food preparation — laying solid foundations for a healthy relationship with food and nutrition.

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