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School Clubs

We normally offer over 30 different clubs and activities, at no charge, that many parents find help their childcare.

Below is an example timetable.

Sports & Fitness
ClubDayCost for parents
Cricket Y4 Prep SchoolMondayFree
Tennis Y4-Y6 before schoolMondayYes
Upper School Gym Squad selected – lunch timeMondayFree
Hockey Club Y2-Y3 lunchtimeMondayFree
Jade’s Gym – Monday after school Y3-Y4MondayYes
Cricket/Hockey Y3-Y4MondayFree
Gym Development Club selected before schoolTuesdayFree
Netball Y6 selected senior school before schoolTuesdayFree
Tennis Y2-Y3 before schoolWednesdayYes
Gym Development Club Y1-Y2 LunchtimeWednesdayFree
Gym Development Club Squad selected – LunchtimeWednesdayFree
Fencing Y4-Y6WednesdayYes
Tennis Y4-Y5 after schoolWednesdayYes
Gymnastics Squad selected before schoolThursdayFree
Athletics Y3-Y6 lunchtimeThursdayFree
Gym Squad Y1-Y2 selected LunchtimeFridayFree
Gym squad Y3-Y6 selected LunchtimeFridayFree
Netball League Y5-Y6 selected LunchtimeFridayFree
Jade’s Gym Y5-Y6 after schoolFridayYes
Tennis Telford N-Y1FridayYes
Music & Performing Arts
ClubDayCost for parents
Ukulele Club – Break timeMondayYes
Ballet after school Nursery/RecMondayYes
Recorder Improvers ensemble – Lunchtime Y4, Y5 and Y6TuesdayFree
Music Theory Club – Breaktime Y3-Y6TuesdayYes
Mini Singers – Lunch time Y1-Y2TuesdayFree
String Ensemble – Lunchtime Y1-Y6 (must be learning string instrument)TuesdayFree
Dance Club Y4-Y6TuesdayYes
Musical Theatre Y1-Y2TuesdayYes
Chamber Choir – Lunchtime Y5-Y6TuesdayFree
Recorder Drop-in – Lunchtime Y4-Y6WednesdayFree
Orchestra Y3-Y6 – LunchtimeWednesdayFree
Music Theory Club new beginner working to Grade 1WednesdayFree
Advanced Drama Y6 (RP) – Lunchtime.WednesdayFree
Ballet (after school) Y1-Y5WednesdayYes
String Ensemble – Break-time (Grade1 +)ThursdayYes
Chamber Choir – Lunchtime Y3-Y4ThursdayFree
Pupil Voice – Lunchtime Y2-Y6 selectedThursdayFree
Musical Theatre – After school Y3-Y6FridayFree
Tap Dancing – After school Y1-Y5FridayFree
Art & Design
ClubDayCost for parents
Arty Party Monday after school Yr1 – Yr2MondayYes
Sewing Club – After school Y4-Y6MondayYes
Sewing Club – After school Y4-Y6TuesdayYes
Arty Party – After school Y3-Y6WednesdayYes
Watercolours and observational drawing – After school Y5ThursdayFree
Science & Technology
ClubDayCost for parents
Robotix Club Yr 6 selectedTuesdayFree
Science Club Y4-5TuesdayFree
Brain Builders Maths Club Y5-Y6 and Y1-Y2TuesdayYes
Touch typing before school Y3-Y6WednesdayYes
Inventions Club – 1st half term Y2l 2nd half term Y1 – Lunchtime 12.50 – 1.20 pmThursdayFree
Journalism & Debate
ClubDayCost for parents
Scoop Club Y6- lunch timeTuesdayFree
Pupil Voice after school Yr2-6 SelectedThursdayFree
Current Affairs/Debate Club lunchtime Y4 – Yr 6FridayFree
Relaxation & Wellbeing
ClubDayCost for parents
Being Green Lunchtime Y3MondayFree
Crazy about books – Reception lunchtimeMondayFree
Yoga/Mindfulness Y4-Y5TuesdayFree
Library R-Yr2FridayFree
Yoga Friday after school Yr 2 – Yr 6FridayYes
Games & Quizzes
ClubDayCost for parents
French Games Y3-Y5- Lunch timeMondayFree
Chess Wednesday Y3-6 after schoolWednesdayYes
Quiz Club Friday lunchtime Y2-4FridayFree

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