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Pastoral care for our Senior School girls

Exceptional pastoral care within our ‘family’ school

We do not view outstanding pastoral care as an ‘add-on’ to our academic programme. Neither do we believe that a ‘hothouse’ atmosphere is desirable or healthy. Girls achieve best if they are happy and settled in their social and working relationships. Hence the ‘family’ ethos of our school.

The way in which we nurture and celebrate individuals is intrinsic to our girls’ success. This level of care and personal attention stimulates each of our pupils to make rapid progress. Staff are easily accessible to pupils, providing for an environment in which girls feel warmly supported and valued.

Streatham & Clapham girls are Happy, confident learners

To ensure our social and emotional care is comprehensive and bespoke, we have a Deputy Head (Pastoral) who has oversight of all pastoral care matters, working closely with our girls to support and shape their development. Each of the House team are responsible for a fifth of the Schools’ girls. They guide girls through their journey from the Upper Third through to the Sixth Form. Parents are, of course, a vital part of this team and the pastoral specialists very much enjoy working closely with parents to give our girls the best possible experience at school and to take stresses from the family environment. It is the school’s belief that a pupil’s well-being is a shared responsibility; between us we can encourage and celebrate real progress and achievement every day.

“Pupils of all ages develop high levels of self-knowledge, confidence and resilience as they progress through the school.” — ISI Report, 2019

We believe that our vibrant learning environment comes from complementing the three traditional academic ‘Rs’ (reading, writing and arithmetic) with the three ‘Rs’ of pastoral care: relationships, respect and responsibility. We help each pupil develop her own strengths — with encouragement rather than pressure. She is thus empowered with the self-discipline that can provide the bedrock for success and a caring and tolerant attitude towards others that is so essential for her life ahead.

Tooled Up Education

Resources for parenting, education and family life

We aim to provide holistic support to everyone in our school community, across all areas of family life, which is why our school subscribes to a digital platform called Tooled Up Education. This gives our families and staff privileged access to a digital library, packed full of evidence-based tips, activities, educational webinars and enlightening podcasts, on all matters relating to mental health, aspiration, learning, digital life and family life. As a parent of a student at Streatham & Clapham High School you will be able to set up a personal account giving you access to all the resources as well as the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your child’s development and get evidence-based answers.

Our Houses

We have a phenomenal House system that teaches the girls to be part of a team. The girls will be assigned to Carter, Fawcett, Franklin, Knights, or Paston Brown. Girls are awarded house points for acts of kindness, excellent work and in various competitions or events, such as House Poetry and Sports Day. House points are added up weekly and the winning house receives the House Cup. Each house has two House Captains who work closely with the girls and staff in their house. House captains are an integral part of the house and allow girls opportunities for leadership and vertical friendships.

SCHS Fawcett House girl shows her pride

“Pupils are highly respectful of each other and exhibit qualities which reflect their concern for justice” — ISI Report, 2019

Ms Kate Renshaw introduces our house system

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