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Reflecting on Peace: Armistice Day Commemoration at SCHS

Today, on 10 November, our school community came together for our annual act of remembrance at the school cenotaph, marking Armistice Day. This solemn occasion allowed us to honour the fallen and reflect on the profound privilege of living in a time of peace.

As the clock struck 11:00, silence fell over the gathering as we observed two minutes of silence, a poignant tribute to the significance of Armistice Day. Our Head, Ms Ellott, addressed the assembly, eloquently touching on the historical importance of this day. The wreath of poppies was placed at the base of the war memorial in our grounds, which is dedicated to the lives lost of young soldiers who had been pupils at Battersea Boys Grammar School, which then inhabited the buildings we now call ours. Ms Ellott encouraged us to remember the lives lost of men who, as boys, had lived and learned in the very spaces where we are today.

The ceremony continued with a heartfelt moment as our Deputy Head Girls laid a wreath, symbolising our collective gratitude and respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The emotional depth of the occasion was beautifully captured by our Head Girl, Ruby, who shared two verses from Laurence Binyon’s poignant poem, “For the Fallen”, which describes the sacrifice of those killed at war as soldiers who have “Fallen in the cause of the free”.

In keeping with military tradition, the haunting notes of the Last Post bugle call were played by our talented pupil, Phoebe. This evocative melody echoed through our school grounds, serving as a powerful and fitting tribute to the service and sacrifice of those who have gone before us.

The Armistice Day commemoration at our school is a poignant and significant event, reminding us of the importance of remembrance, gratitude, and the pursuit of peace. As we stood together in reflection, our school community paid homage to the past while embracing the hope for a future marked by unity and understanding.

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