Focus on Art by Ms Rebecca Baker BA (Falmouth), PGCE Art | Streatham & Clapham High School

Focus on Art by Ms Rebecca Baker BA (Falmouth), PGCE Art

During the last few months, like everyone else, the Art Department has been managing as best as possible with whatever we have had available. This has certainly been something that I have often found myself saying to the girls I teach: “do the best that you can, with whatever you have to hand,”. Artists are inventive, innovative and resourceful and our artists at SCHS have certainly been that.

The girls have continued to impress Miss Vigor and me with their resilience, good-humour and great ideas, under difficult circumstances. We have studied interiors and self-portraiture and made assemblages of strange collections of objects from our living rooms. We have explored Winifred NichoIson and her still-lives of windowsills, with the views of what lies beyond, and looked at what Banksy has been up to during lockdown. I had never before realised just how lucky we were, to be able to have lessons in the same room, at the same time, and that I was able to hand out exactly the materials that I have wanted the girls ideally to be using. I shall always be extremely aware of this in future.

I am delighted to be able to present the fabulous work of our extremely skilful and committed GCSE and A-Level pupils this year. It is clearly a great shame that we won’t be able to hold our usual exhibitions in the Ellis Hall but with many thanks to Miss Vigor, Miss May and Mr Hinton for their help and expertise, I am especially proud to present this year’s Virtual Exhibition, with beautiful accompaniment from the Music Department. I hope very much that you will enjoy experiencing this work.

GCSE Virtual Art Exhibition

A level Virtual Art Exhibition

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