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What is the Senior School curriculum?

The pursuit of excellence across all fields of endeavour is the defining feature of Streatham & Clapham High School. Whether they lean to the sports or excel in the sciences, whether they are budding musicians or keen linguists, our girls’ intellectual curiosity is stimulated by a liberal and challenging academic curriculum, enabling them to discover and develop individual talents and interests, and ensuring that all attain success across the widest spectrum of activity.

SCHS Heads of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The timetable is organised into 80 teaching periods over a two-week cycle. Each period is of 40 minutes’ duration. The last period on Wednesday is an exception, being of 55 minutes’ length. During this period all pupils participate in ‘Kinza’, the school’s unique enrichment programme, which complements their academic studies.

SCHS - Speaking to senior school girls

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