Drama Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School

Drama Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
Performing at SCHS has boosted my confidence, opened so many doors to me and landed me amazing roles on stage and on screen

Isobel Mackinson

What it Means to be a SCHS Drama Scholar

Our scholars are girls in whom we see exceptional talent or potential. Our drama scholars are invited to participate in scholar-specific trips and workshops as well as all SCHS drama events, which include:

  • Termly school productions
  • Workshops with professional theatre companies
  • Trips to to major London Theatres

Just as we nurture their talent and provide unique, door-opening opportunities, our scholars also serve as role models to inspire and encourage others in the school and the wider community, whether its leading clubs for younger girls, or special assemblies.


  • Large drama studio
  • Abundant costume cupboard
  • Two performing arts spaces with professional lighting and sounds systems

Our staff

Head of Mrs Thane-Woodhams has been a teacher for 22 years. Before teaching she was a director of a Youth Theatre in Birmingham. Her special interests are in the exploration and realisation of character and she encourages the girls to be brave and truthful in their performances.

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Drama Scholarships | Streatham & Clapham High School
Meet one of Our Drama Scholars: Izzy

Izzy joined SCHS in the Upper Third as a drama scholar. Now in Upper Fifth she is accomplished actress, performing in all school productions including Annie, Oliver and Second Person Narrative. She has appeared in national television adverts and on notable BBC Dramas. Izzy hopes to peruse a career in acting once she leaves school.

Being a scholar has allowed me to make friends with girls from all year groups. We have regular scholars’ meetings and go on trips to see plays together. I have learnt a lot from older girls and I hope younger girls will learn from me too.

Isobel Mackinson

Drama Scholarship Application Checklist
In order to apply, we kindly ask you to check through the list of requirements for a successful submission below.

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