Global Casting Director of Vogue Inspires Sixth Formers | Streatham & Clapham High School

Global Casting Director of Vogue Inspires Sixth Formers

Last Friday, our Sixth Form students had the privilege of attending a talk at the Senior school delivered by Rosie Vogel-Eades, the Global Casting Director for Vogue. During her engaging session, Mrs Vogel-Eades shared her journey into the fashion industry and her experiences working at the prestigious publication Vogue.

Mrs Vogel-Eades recounted how her childhood fascination with fashion, though initially met with skepticism from her medically-oriented parents, eventually led her to pursue English at university. Following this, she completed a postgraduate course at the London College of Fashion and gained valuable work experience through internships at various newspapers. Her career in fashion began as a Fashion Bookings Assistant, where she organised photoshoots and booked models. Her talent for building strong connections with models propelled her to her current role as the Global Casting Director, where she oversees model bookings across all editions of Vogue worldwide.

Reflecting on her time at Vogue, Mrs Vogel-Eades discussed the publication’s journey towards greater diversity and inclusivity, particularly following the appointment of Edward Enninful as the first black editor in 2017. She shared some of her favourite covers, highlighting the magazine’s shift towards featuring a more diverse range of models and individuals.

Following her talk, Mrs Vogel-Eades participated in a Q&A session, addressing enquiries from both students and staff candidly. She discussed the challenges of the fashion industry, the dynamic nature of her role, and the importance of balancing work with family life. Mrs Vogel-Eades also emphasised the usefulness of languages such as French and Italian in her line of work, which involves frequent international travel.

The session concluded with a quiz testing the audience’s knowledge of Vogue covers and fashion icons. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs Vogel-Eades for sharing her valuable insights and inspiring our students as they navigate their future paths.

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