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‘Kinza’ — an Arabic term meaning ‘hidden treasure’.

Streatham & Clapham High School’s ‘Kinza’ programme is one of the most exciting features of its curriculum and we are delighted to continue it for this academic year. Through the weekly Kinza sessions, each pupil has the opportunity to explore various types of subject enrichment freely, with no examination pressure at the end, all the while enjoying the process of learning, developing new skills, and collaborating with a variety of younger and older peers and teachers.

Each Kinza course reflects the personal interests and expertise of the teaching staff. The subjects on offer provide a wide spectrum of choice for each SCHS pupil and cover an extremely broad range of activities, each of which is described in this options booklet.

Opportunities to deepen aspects of the broad knowledge acquired through Kinza are afforded through co-curricular trips, individual research and collaborative working processes in a vertical tutoring system, with younger girls learning side-by-side with older girls. Each participates in several different activities that she has selected during the course of the year.

The Kinza programme is a salient feature of an SCHS education.

Mr AJ Christie
Assistant Head Master (Co-Curricular and Partnerships)


Do you enjoy sport and exercise? Activ8 involves a range of sports and activities including lacrosse, tennis, yoga, fitness, rounders, capture the flag and cricket. The main aim is to have fun whilst exercising and developing your basic skills and understanding of different sports. All abilities are welcome! Please wear appropriate sportswear. 
Further details: see Miss Stubbs 

The Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force (Royal Navy) is run in partnership with La Retraite School. The CCF offers numerous opportunities and adventurous activities to develop leadership skills, resilience, teamwork and have a lot of fun. The CCF provides you with new skills and experiences from learning to sail to sleeping on a Type 82 destroyer. We take a minibus to La Retraite and you will be dismissed from La Retraite at 4.30pm. You are expected to commit to the CCF for at least a year, but we hope that you take part for longer, moving up the ranks.
Further details see: SLt Reader


This activity is for anyone interested in our local community. Based on your interests, come up with an activity to engage with the local community. If you are interested in history, start an oral history project with older people; if you are interested in nature, set up a conservation project; if you like drama, produce an intergenerational performance; or if you are interested in medicine, begin a care-home visiting scheme. The choice is yours! 
Further details: Mrs Evans and Mrs Helszajn

Hispanic Studies

Hispanic culture is widely known for its music, dance, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine. But is that all Spain and Mexico are known for? They have much more to offer than that. They have many talented actors and actresses and, when combined with award-winning directors, they have produced a number of cinematic masterpieces. Come and check out some of the finest films that Spain and Mexico have to offer and to discover directors such as Pedro Almodovar, Iciar Bollaín, Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro Iñarritu. You will have the opportunity to analyse Penelope Cruz in one of her finest moments in Volver, as well as the different cinematic techniques and social and cultural contexts within a variety of films. Do not miss this opportunity and join us!
Further details see: Miss García

Kinza Leaders

Do you want to learn the skills involved in being a good leader? Do you want to build self-esteem, develop your confidence and improve communication skills? By becoming a Kinza leader, you will achieve all this and more! You will be attached to an U3-U5 Kinza activity and will support the member of staff in the running of the activity as well as planning and delivering sessions of your own. As well growing into a confident leader, you will also have a lot of fun. 
Further details: see Mr Christie 

Model United Nations

Are you interested in global issues? Do you think you could debate and solve world crises in a peaceful and just manner? What are the biggest problems facing the world’s nations – climate change, maintaining peace or responding to the needs of refugees? 
The United Nations is an international organisation containing nearly every country in the world. Model United Nations is an educational simulation of a real UN meeting in which you can learn about diplomacy and international relations. 
Model United Nations teaches skills of research, public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, team work and leadership. 
In this era of globalisation, being aware of international affairs is more important than ever. Being a member of this activity will provide an inspiring and enjoyable way of learning about the world. 
Further details: see Ms Eells

The Common Room : Magazine Journalism

Are you interested in journalism as a possible career? This activity is aimed at students wishing to develop an awareness of the different styles of writing featured in magazines – from opinion pieces and reviews to lifestyle features and interviews – and to practise their skills. Anyone interested in being part of the editorial and design team for the sixth form magazine The Common Room should choose this activity. 
Further details: see Mrs Henderson 

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