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Sixth Form Pastoral Care

Fostering exceptional personal growth

All girls, whether they are new to Streatham & Clapham High School or already a member of the school community, are valued and nurtured as individuals through an attentive and expert pastoral system. This enables our girls not only to optimise their academic success but also to foster their confidence, sense of well-being and overall personal growth. We also offer fortnightly PSHCE sessions designed by our Head of PSHCE.

All girls are known personally by the Director of Sixth Form, and a team of tutors, who operate an open-door policy, giving our girls ready access to discuss any aspect of their sixth-form life and aspirations.

We have a dedicated team of experts to lead on a variety of Higher Education paths, including staff in charge of Oxbridge, International, Medicine and related, degree apprenticeships, Art Foundations, Music Conservatoires, Drama Colleges, Sports Performance, and straight to employment routes.

What makes our Sixth Form experience stand out from the rest?

All girls are encouraged to widen their experiences and develop independently, both academically and personally. Working in smaller groups and studying in great depth, they can seize the opportunity to take the initiative and to offer their opinions and thoughts readily. They exercise much responsibility to their peers and the whole-school community, in turn developing leadership skills, self-discipline, and the enduring values and principles that will govern their future lives.

An awareness of opportunities beyond school

The Friday Lectures Series, featuring distinguished women and men from all walks of life, also provides a valuable forum for students to develop an awareness of issues related to the arts and sciences, law, politics, citizenship, business, ethics, and many others. They also benefit from an attentive careers-education programme, which enables them to gain self-knowledge and an awareness of the great number of opportunities available to them beyond school.

Sixth Form leavers are thus exceptionally well equipped to make a difference to the world at large. They are confident in taking complex and difficult decisions, and relish pursuing their own pathways with conviction and resolve.

Enrichment at Sixth Form level

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