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SCHS Girl Publishes Novel







At just 13 years old, SCHS pupil Laura (U4) has written and published a book, Fantastic City y La Pierdra de la Inversion, written in her mother tongue, Spanish.

Laura has lived in three countries, Spain, Chile and the USA, before arriving in the UK in August 2020. “I’ve always loved adventure and fantasy books, like Harry Potter and the Agatha Oddly series by Lena Jones” explains Laura. “During the beginning of the pandemic, I had a lot of free time. My friend Julia and I would talk about our own imagined magic world and adventures. This inspired me to write my book. I started writing it in April 2020 and I finished it during the half term of February 2021”.

Fantastic City y La Pierdra de la Inversion is available on Amazon.

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