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We have policy statements to comply with our legal responsibilities in different areas of school life and to ensure the health, safety and well-being of pupils and staff. All school policies are available to current and prospective parents; further details can be obtained by clicking on the PDF links below.

Prep School Policies

Collection of Children Policy
EYFS Sick Child Policy
Food and Hygiene Policy for the Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage Policy
Intimate Care Policy

Mathematics Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Modern Foreign Languages Policy
Music Policy

Outdoor Learning Policy
PE Policy
Playtime Policy Prep and EYFS
Prep Stay on Green Behaviour Policy
PSHCE & Citizenship Policy
RE Policy
Relationship & Sex Education Policy
Science Policy
Sun Safety Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy Prep
Transition From Reception To Year 1 Policy

Transition Policy
Unaccounted for Child Procedures Prep and EYFS

Senior School Policies

Code of Conduct – Driving to School
Detention Policy
Examinations Policy
Futures and Aspirations Policy
Internally Assessed Work Marking Review
Teaching and Learning Policy Senior
Work Experience Policy

Whole School Policies

Access Arrangements Policy
Accessibility Policy
Admissions Policy
Allergies Protocol
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-bullying Policy: Cyberbullying Annex
Anti-radicalisation and Extremism Policy
Assembly Policy
Assessment Reporting Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Chronic Illness Policy
Complaints Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco Guidance (Pupils)
Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco Policy (Pupils)
Drugs Education Policy
Dynamic Lockdown (Senior & Prep)
Educational Visits Policy
English as an Additional Language Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy (Education)
Equal Opportunities Policy (Employment)
Exam Contingency Plan
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Policy
GDST Admissions
GDST Health & Safety Policy Statement
GDST Inclusion Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Homework Policy
Library Policy
Marking Policy
Medical Policy
Monitoring and Evaluation Process
Most-Able (Gifted and Talented) Policy
Online Safety Policy
Online Safety Procedures
Parents In School Policy
Positive Mental Health Policy
PSHCE and Citizenship Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safeguarding Procedures
SEND Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Supervision of Pupils Policy
Transition Policy
Travel Insurance (Travel Cover)
Uniform Policy
Use of Force Policy


All school policies are available from the school office on request.

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