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An education for life going way beyond the curriculum.

We have an extensive co-curricular programme made up of clubs and societies. These offer our girls a diverse range of activities to pursue their interests and inspiring further achievement beyond the classroom and range from the arts to quizzes, debates and dance.

Our clubs and societies provide an ideal foundation for girls to develop a life-long love of learning for its own sake; a principle that lies at the heart of the ethos of both the Prep and Senior Schools. The spirit of developing wide and varied interests for enrichment continues with Streatham & Clapham School’s Kinza programme.

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We offer over 30 different clubs and activities, at no charge, that many parents with help their childcare arrangements.

Art and Design

Art, Arty Party, Cookery, Exploring Drawing and Painting, Sewing, Take it Apart

Games and Quizzes

Brain Builders, Chess, French Games, Mandarin, Maths Quiz, Quiz

Journalism and Debate

Current Affairs, Pupil Voice, Scoop, Social Skills, Touch Typing

Music and Performing Arts

Advanced Drama, Ballet, Chamber Choir, Mini Singers, Music Theory, Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Recorder Drop-in, Recorder Improvers, String Ensemble, Tap Dancing, Ukulele

Relaxation and Well-being

Being Green, Library, Yoga/Mindfulness

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Sports & Fitness

Our girls excel in gymnastics and karate, and have triumphed in national competitions.

Physical Education

With two full-time PE staff at Streatham & Clapham Prep and three additional specialist coaches, our girls excel across all sports. Hockey, netball, athletics, gymnastics, cricket and swimming are particularly popular. Our full-sized sports hall and newly resurfaced courts provide first-rate facilities for them to enjoy and are used by all the girls from Nursery onwards.

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Sports Clubs

The Prep has a thriving co-curricular sports programme. We encourage all our girls to join a sports club, simply for their own enjoyment or in order to participate in regular fixtures and competitions against other schools and teams from the local area.

Sport & Fitness Clubs

Fencing, Gym Squad, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Tennis

Discover our school clubs

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