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The UCAS Application Process

Applications for University are submitted during Autumn term of Year 13.

Application Checklist

  • Personal Details
  • GCSE & Predicted A Level Results
  • Personal Statement
  • School References
  • 5 University Choices
  • Preferred Year of Entry
  • £27.50 Application Fee

University Responses

Universities can respond anytime between submission and mid-May with one of three responses.

  1. Unconditional Offer: A guaranteed place regardless of what you get in summer exams
  2. Conditional Offer: An offer of a place, so long as a certain grade is awarded in A Levels.
  3. Rejected Application: No offer made.

Applicant Responses

Applicants have until June of Year 13 to respond.

  1. Firm: Applicants favourite option. A guaranteed place, so long as you meet the conditions of the offer.
  2. Insurance: A safer option with an offer closer to applicant’s fine predicted grades.
  3. Decline: Applicant declines remaining offers.
  4. Withdraw: If applicant does not want to wait to hear from remaining universities.


Universities get the results about a week before applicants.
The School gets them a day before.

  • Oxbridge: Early October deadline. Can’t be deferred
  • Medicine/ Dentistry/ Veterinary Medicine: Early October deadline. Applicant cannot choose 5 straight courses.
  • International Applications: These are not done through UCAS
  • Art Foundations: Some of these are not done through UCAS
  • Conservatoires: 6 options, 2 references
  • Degree Apprenticeships: Through UCAS but a different process.
  • UCAS Points: Some universities accept these instead of set grades.

A Levls: A* = 56, A = 48, B = 40, C = 32, D = 26  (EPQ:  A* = 28, A = 24, B = 20) e.g. ABRSM: Grade 8 Distinction = 30, Grade 8 Pass = 18, Grade 7 Dist. = 16

Example: conditional offer of 120 UCAS points. That’s BBB in A Levels, or BCC + B in EPQ, or BCC + Grade 7 Distinction

How Does SCHS Help Prepare You? 

These PDFs give you a brief run down of everything you will be doing and that you will need for the application process.

University Application Support

Personal Statement Guidelines

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