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IT Equipment for Lower 5th (Year 10)

Bring Your Own Device

At Streatham and Clapham High School we have introduced a digital strategy that facilitates an any-time, any-place approach to learning. Our aim is to embed technology seamlessly in the learning experience; fostering independence, creativity and digital collaboration between pupils and staff.

We operate a one-to-one device policy, and each student must bring a Windows laptop with a touchscreen and stylus to school each day.

We have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures to help ensure that your daughter is using her device in an appropriate and responsible manner. We will also provide training and support to help her use her laptop effectively and safely.

We are also running an optional Digital Device Scheme which allows parents to rent or purchase a Dell device through our partner, Easy4U (Class Technology Solutions), including a device full hardware service and accident damage cover.


Introduction to IT Letter

What To Buy

The device must meet the following as a minimum in terms of functionality.

ScreenTouch Screen of 11 Inches or greater
Detachable or flip screen to enable flat writing using a stylus
Operating SystemWindows 11
Main MemoryMinimum 8GB RAM
Battery10 hours or more on one charge. Please note there are charging cabinets in school should the need arise to charge during the school day
OtherWireless connectivity
A camera for video and still image processing
The ability to play and record audio
Small in-ear headphones
SoftwareMicrosoft Office (O365) is provided free of charge via the school


We understand that parents value flexibility, which is why Easy4U have two options available.

Option 1: Rent

With the rental option, parents are required to pay a deposit equivalent to the first four months of rental, followed by monthly rental fees. At the end of the agreement, our dedicated customer service team will reach out to the parents to discuss whether they would like to keep the device or return it. If you decide to keep the device, we consider the deposit as the final payment. If you choose to return the device, we will assess it for fair wear and tear, and upon receiving it back, we will refund the deposit to you.

Option 2: Purchase

With the purchase option, parents can fully own the device. The cost of the device cannot be spread over time. You will still benefit from all the Easy4u advantages, including hardware service and support.

To read information on recommended devices, please click the link below

Easy4u General Information


To access device specification and costings please visit http://www.easy4u.school/order and enter password SCH2023

Easy4u Parent Overview Video

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