Encore! Carmen Music Workshop | Streatham & Clapham High School

Encore! Carmen Music Workshop

The Music Department invited pupils from Telferscot Primary School, Rutherford House School, and SCPS to take part in a Carmen workshop. In recent years, girls from SCHS were chosen to perform in the chorus of Carmen at The Royal Opera House.

“The thrill of performing on the stage of the Royal Opera House, which a number of our music scholars and other SCHS girls did before lockdown, is like no other.  We’re keen for as many members of our local community to share in top musical experiences. I’m so glad Telferscot and Rutherford House could join our workshop,” says Polly May, Director of Music.

The primary school pupils learnt about the story of Carmen and the process of bringing music to life on the stage.

To learn more about our Music Scholarship programme click here.

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