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Chamber Choir Sing Belgium’s Praises

Chamber Choir Sing Belgium’s Praises

Over the summer, 31 students represented Streatham & Clapham on a concert tour of Ghent and Bruges.

‘Belgium was an unforgettable experience’ says Sophie (U5) ‘the highlight had to be singing in the amazing cathedral and churches where the acoustics were incredible’.

The choir’s first performance was in St. Michael’s Church, Ghent. ‘A wonderful experience and such a stunning church’, commented Eva (L5). Over the four days, the choir went on to perform in both the Balsemboom Centre and the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges. ‘The cathedrals we sang in were beyond breath-taking,’ added Madeline (L6).

As well as performing, the group took in the culture, history and beauty of the cities in their down time. Sophie remembers, ‘the Belfry tower in Bruges has a spectacular aerial view and we were pleased to have heard the bells ringing whilst up there – although it was quite a long way to climb!’

‘By far the most incredible school trip I have ever been on,’ enthused Eva. ‘Such an unforgettable trip,’ agrees Madeline. Sophie feels the same, ‘I loved spending time with my friends and experiencing a different culture, whilst being able to perform in some special places!’

The Choir will soon be out on the road again, performing at Somerville College Oxford in November. In the new year they will travel to Girton College, Cambridge in February and to Wells Cathedral in March.

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