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Neighbourhood Natter by Jess Telling

L6 (Franklin) A Community & Partnerships Prefect

Jess Telling

Right now, it’s impossible to know exactly when social distancing will end. After conversations with my grandparents, I realised that their not knowing when they’ll be able to go out and see their family members in person again is a concern of theirs. That’s why I decided to choose the Kinza activity of Neighbourhood Natter for this term.

The only time I see my elderly neighbours out on the street is during the NHS clap and whilst this couple of minutes of community spirit every week is something that everyone looks forward to, it’s not the same as having regular conversations with your loved ones. During Kinza each week, I sit at my doorstep and briefly chat to my elderly neighbours that walk past at that time of day. Of course, they are far enough away that it is in accordance to social distancing rules. I always make sure to talk to them for at least a couple of minutes, with topics ranging from the tulips in our front garden to just how they are in general.

Before social distancing was put in place, I barely knew any of the people that lived in my neighbourhood. It’s comforting to know that in a time of scariness and uncertainty it has brought everyone closer together as a community.

Jess Telling


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