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SCHS’ Incoming Head Visits Us

SCHS’ Incoming Head Visits Us

Ms Cathy Ellott, BA (Oxon), MA (London), PGCE (Cantab) – who takes up the post of Head of Streatham & Clapham High School from September this year – recently spent a day meeting with pupils and staff.

Getting to Know Senior School Students

Sitting down with some pupils at the Senior School, one of our students, Kai (U5) describes meeting the incoming Head:

‘I found my conversation with Ms Ellott comforting and I believe she has the school’s best interest at heart. I’m looking forward to more discussions with her, especially in regard to her views on diversity and inclusion.’
Prep School
Next stop was the Prep School, where in addition meeting staff and touring the school, our future Head caught up with some of our younger pupils.


Octavia (Y4) observed:

‘She was really kind, the questions she asked
were really kind. She asked us to share a fact
about us. I talked about my dog Zulu.’

Head Girl Shyanne (Y6) was also impressed, noting:

‘She’s really, really nice. She seems like she would be a
really good Headmistress and answered questions in a way
that children could understand. She can be serious but has
a fun side to her. She says she likes trampolining.’

Indeed, as the Prep Pupil Voice delegation turned to matters of shared interest with their future Head, Ms Ellott made a disclosure which we can reveal here as a world-wide exclusive scoop:

‘She can do cartwheels. She can do two in a row!’

A point that clearly impressed Anaia (Y5) and maybe even promises a new feature in the school’s annual Gym & Dance display!

Getting to Know Senior School Staff

It was then back to the Abbotswood Road where Ms Ellott enjoyed lunch with some her future colleagues across various departments.

‘Speaking with Cathy was thought-provoking
and reassuring: she clearly has a genuine desire
to celebrate and enhance the family ethos of the
school. She took the time to speak with so many
of us individually and understand our role and
vision for the school, emphasising that she wants
to listen to students and staff and use this to
continue developing the fantastic academic,
pastoral, and co-curricular provision at SCHS.’
Ms Camilla Simpson,
Assistant Head (Sixth Form)

Ms Ellott summed up the day as:

‘I loved my day at the Prep and Senior Schools, having time to
begin to get to know the girls and staff. It was wonderful to hear
about what they love about the school and about their passions
and aspirations, as well as what they want the school to do even
better. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and it has made me
even more excited about our futures together as a community.’
Ms Cathy Ellott

Ameena (U5), Rhea (L4), Sophie (U4) and Ms Cathy Ellott

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