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Eco Reps Promote a Healthy Global Community

Eco Reps Promote a Healthy Global Community

Pupils have written our SCHS Eco School Code ‘Help protect biodiversity and create a healthy global community’.

Since watching David Attenborough’s Extinction documentary, many pupils have expressed a wish to do more to mitigate the predicted biodiversity loss and climate crisis. For example, Erin in L4 is writing to her local MP, and had the idea to collaborate with other schools so many more pupils can communicate their wishes to Parliament.

After watching David Attenborough’s videos, I started to think about ways we could expand knowledge of the issues. By connecting with other schools outside of the GDST we could link up, creating a more powerful message as a team. We could send letters, emails etc to our local MP to raise awareness about this matter! 
– by Erin, L4

U3 Eco representatives are researching and designing postcards to be posted directly to Boris Johnson, and Emilia and Maya (L6 Green Club leaders) are setting up an Earth Speaker competition. Amelia, one of our U6 Eco School Leaders, wants to explore running a campaign of activities running into November when COP26, the global climate summit, was supposed to take place until it was postponed due to Covid. This is also of interest to another U6 Leader, Haleema, who wants to understand more about the psychology of change and to grow initiatives like the microfinance Kinza, Finding Hope. Katie and Ellie (U6 Geography students) are working with IRIS (Institute of Research in Schools) to calculate the school’s carbon footprint and then they plan to virtually collaborate with L4 to design targeted actions. The many pupils who wrote letters to their MPs on the first Youth Climate Strike in 2019, are interested to recall what they wrote and discuss the progress that has been made in the last two years. Parents may like to know that there is a Parents for Future group on Classlist they can join, to share information about solar panels, electric cars, divestment of pension and other initiatives including cycle training at the Woodfield Pavilion.

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