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Focus on Community: A New Type of Active

by Ellie McCollum
L6 (Knights)
A Community & Partnerships Prefect

SCHS Ellie McCollum L6 (Knights)

As we have transitioned to Guided Home Learning, many co-curricular activities have been harder to complete. My Kinza activity at school is ‘Activ8’, where we take part in various different sports and challenges. I am still keeping up with my fitness at home, so for Kinza each week I decided to talk to different people in my community.

Sophie, who is aged 7, and lives across the street from me, has dyslexia, and she is always looking for ways to improve her reading skills. She used to read to me, albeit not so regularly, before lockdown, and now, as she has more free time, I agreed to listen and help her read for at least one hour each week. As we have been doing this for a few weeks now, I have already noticed how she gains more confidence in her reading. I think it’s important especially now to reach out to your neighbours as it brings comfort to know everyone is in the same situation, and talking to somebody outside your household brings a welcome change.

My dad has also signed us up to the British Ornithological Society, which means we count the number and different types of birds in our garden and submit the information back to the society on a weekly basis, which helps them understand the different behavioural and migration patterns of the bird population. Now that I’m involved in this activity, I’ve noticed the great variety and numbers of birds that visit our garden and would encourage others to do the same.

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