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At SCHS, the Mathematics Department delivers five examination courses: IGCSE Mathematics, FSMQ Additional Mathematics, A Level Mathematics, AS and A Level Further Mathematics. Additional Mathematics is currently taught as a co-curricular subject where twilight lessons are attended by both Upper 5th SCHS students and students from one of our partnership schools.

In the Sixth Form, students can choose to study two separate A level qualifications. There is a healthy intake for Mathematics as ambitious and independent-minded SCHS students rightly ignore the gender stereotype. Here are some inspirational quotes from current Upper Sixth students who have applied to study Mathematics at university:
“I have always enjoyed mathematics in all its forms and appreciated its logical methods with distinct goals at the end of problems. The patterns within mathematics give us ways to see information and is present and underlying in all aspects of our lives, from science to art. In the creative world, mathematics is ever-present through the golden ratio in nature and technology. Seeing how mathematics materialises from topics I have studied to everyday functions furthered my attraction to the subject.” Evie

“Mathematics has always been a subject I enjoy as it uses logic and method to solve problems. I chose financial mathematics as I enjoy the statistics side of mathematics and the course would give me a way to explore how mathematics is applied in real-world scenarios. A degree in mathematics can lead to various career options, so I’m hoping during my time at university, it will give me the opportunity to learn about what I would like to pursue in the future.” Isabel

“I see Maths as a constantly growing puzzle, almost as if it’s made of simpler pieces that require both logic and ingenuity to put together! And the best part is, every time I solve a problem it adds another puzzle piece to my understanding of the world around us. It almost becomes addictive – and once you’ve reached a solution, the sense of satisfaction is extremely rewarding.” Joely

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