Getting Creative in Science | Streatham & Clapham High School

Getting Creative in Science

The SCHS girls have been getting creative in their science classes this week. Using a range of materials, from sweets to shoe boxes, the girls have been able to show off their innovative skills by creating different models.

Isabella Williamson (U3) uses a range of sweets to create the digestive system

Amy Bidwell’s (L4) amazing entry for the astrology competition that has been taking place this week 

Lower 5th have been engaging with the new topic of photosynthesis. The girls have been germinating beans to observe root growth, making ‘plant mazes’ from shoe boxes to investigate how plants grow in response to a light source (phototropism) and have been covering leaves of houseplants with kitchen foil to record colour changes when leaves are deprived of light for different amounts of time.












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