The Muse Programme | Streatham & Clapham High School

The Muse Programme at Streatham and Clapham High School is a distinctive academic scholarship and advancement initiative that provides a diverse range of exciting and enriching challenges for all our students, extending their learning experiences beyond the classroom.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Muses were revered as the source of knowledge, credited with inventing the theory and practice of learning. They played a pivotal role in the accumulation and transmission of knowledge across generations, representing the arts, literature and science.

The Calliope Challenge – KS3

Named after Calliope, the guardian of heroic poems, art, justice, and peace, this segment encourages girls to take on a series of extension challenges, aiming to earn bronze, silver, and gold badges.

The Melete Certificate – KS4

Melete, the muse of thought and meditation, embodies the essence of contemplation and reflection. This extended learning program caters to students in lower fifth and upper fifth, providing them with the opportunity to tailor their academic pursuits beyond the classroom by completing various modules across all subjects.

In recognition of the completion of the Programme at different levels, three distinct awards are available. Each year, we will publish a magazine called Musings, dedicated to showcasing the finest academic work and creativity.

Ted talks are now taking place through Kinza, open to all year groups. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of introducing TedEd talks for girls in the Upper Fourth.

We look forward to sharing further details about The Muse Programme in due course.

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