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Girls Support and Connect with Each Other During Wellbeing Week


Herbal Tea Tent
table tennis

The pupils and staff at the senior school enjoyed a range of activities last week as part of wellbeing week. Here are some of the highlights:

At break time pupils and staff came to the Herbal Tea Tent to enjoy herbal tea and socially connect with others. The pupils also enjoyed getting active outside with many girls taking part in table tennis and croquet at break time. The pupils also took part in wellbeing activities in form time, such as a scavenger hunt where the girls worked together to find items around the school grounds. The pupils also had the opportunity to get creative and increase their focus through mindful colouring and sketching.

In form time pupils across all year groups learnt about the Positive Project. This was valuable to help the girls reflect on their feelings, strengths and experiences. The Upper Third pupils reflected on what people and experiences they feel grateful to have and shared this on their gratitude tree. The Sixth Form have enjoyed designing their Positive Pinboard in the sixth-form common room to share their gratitude for others and celebrate their success.

Positive Pin Board

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