Mummy, Can I Be EVERYTHING? | Streatham & Clapham High School


SCHS alumna Rachel Brown (Class of 1996) has written a series of children’s books as part of a series entitled Mummy, can I….?

Rachel, a senior communications specialist who has worked closely with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, is well practised at writing important briefings for government ministers.

However, during her maternity leave she challenged herself to write for a younger audience, noting an absence of diverse voices in children’s books.

‘Before the end of the year I’d written about five books but before I could blink, I was back to work, Downing Street came calling, and my books took a back seat. However, I decided last year that I’d push forward and try to get two of my books self-published, so here we are!’

Mummy, Can I Have a Pet? and Mummy, Can I Be Everything? are available on Etsy and feature diverse characters and universal themes with which every child can identify.

To order, click here.


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