Sports Magazine: A Day in The Life of Herne Hill Harriers | Streatham & Clapham High School

Sports Magazine: A Day in The Life of Herne Hill Harriers

Article written by Imogen Weller, U4

I only really started to get into running in U3, and when I heard about Herne Hill Harriers. Every week I said “Yes, I’ll go this week” but I never did. When I finally went, I found it quite hard, I wasn’t used to this hard-core training. But as I continued to go, I could see dramatic changes in the way I ran and my stamina.

Then Covid came around and training had to stop. But I was determined not to fall behind during lock down, so every other day I would go for a 5-10km run and record my times. I have to say I didn’t see that much of a change during lockdown but running let me go outside and allowed me to get away from my desk. As lockdown started to ease, training opened again and I went every Tuesday and Thursday evening. I was very happy to get back to running and it was a relief to get out of the house after being stuck inside all day doing online school. Because of Covid, Track season was extended to October which meant I could participate in races. In my first race of the season, I came 2nd in the 800m and got a time of 2:48. A few weeks later, I participated in the same race and came 3rd (very nearly 2nd) with a PB of 2:45.

Now that I have started to prepare for my GCSEs, I must be very organised on how I balance my studying and my sports. For example: Monday, I don’t do any sports clubs and reserve that night for studying/finishing off and homework. Tuesday, I have netball in the morning, rowing after school, as well as running in the evening. Wednesday, I only have rowing in the evening which leaves me with enough time to do some homework. Thursday, I have running in the evening till late, so before running I do all my homework to get it out of the way. Friday, I will either hang out with my friends (virtually) or I will finish off any homework I haven’t done.  Saturday, I have dance or a race (sometimes both) in the morning, then I have the evening to rest. Sunday, I will revise (if I have a test coming up) or I will do homework. Then for the rest of the day I will rest.

By doing all this running I feel like it has a very positive impact on the other sports I play. Such as in hockey I play left-mid, meaning I have to run up and down the pitch non-stop and because I have done so much running I feel like my stamina has increased; so now I can run for longer.

Overall, joining Herne Hill Harriers was a very good decision and it doesn’t just make me better at running, but also impacts the other sports I play. Also, doing this much sports – I think – reduces stress because when I am training, I don’t focus on my studying but on getting better at the sport I’m playing and just having a good time. Herne Hill Harriers hasn’t just helped me become better at running, but also helped me make friends from outside school.

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