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Admissions | Prep School | Streatham & Clapham High School

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Girls can join the Prep school in three key intake points – Nursery (3+), Reception (4+) and Year 3 (7+). Because girls develop intellectually and socially earlier than boys of the same age, our girls in our Prep School are never held back from their aspirations or abilities. Buoyant, confident and unafraid to fail, our girls represent the true meaning of our motto ‘towards wisdom, unafraid’.

We sometimes have occasional places in other years, please contact us at

How can I prepare my girl for her Prep School application?

Girls are invited for assessment with the Head or Deputy Head of SCPS. This usually lasts one hour and the girls are tested in English and Mathematics. An assessment will also be made of the candidate’s approach and attitude to learning.

Following the assessment a written report is requested from the candidate’s current school prior to an offer being made.

Deadline for Early Years and Reception and Year 3 2023 admission is 18 November 2022. Please contact our Admissions Team on

Registration for other Years is on a chance vacancy basis. Please contact our Admissions Team at for more information.

Prep School admissions process

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