Head Cathy Ellott interviewed for Education Corner Podcast | Streatham & Clapham High School

Head Cathy Ellott interviewed for Education Corner Podcast

We are proud to announce that our Head, Ms Cathy Ellott, has been interviewed for the Education Corner, an influential podcast featuring global figures in education.

During her conversation with Chloe Abbott, the founder of Education Choices Magazine, Ms. Ellott delves into Streatham and Clapham’s comprehensive approach to education, emphasising the significance of social change and responsibility in fostering a positive student experience within a diverse and multifaith student body. Reflecting on her role as a school leader, she emphasised the importance of courage, openness to constructive criticism, and collaboration with the community to continuously improve.

Moreover, Ms. Ellott shared insights from her personal journey as a parent, highlighting how her experiences have enriched her understanding of children with neurodiversity. The podcast is now live on Soundcloud.

An article summarising the interview has also been published in Educational Choices Magazine (page 28).



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