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U5 Let’s Talk About Tomorrow, Today!

U5 Let’s Talk About Tomorrow, Today!

The daily life of an U5 pupil is always busy and this week was certainly no exception. Each year, the U5 pupils are offered personalised interviews with careers specialists to discuss their future higher education and potential employment trajectories. For the first time in SCHS history, the U5 careers interviews were conducted via Teams.

U5 Let's Talk About Tomorrow, Today!

For the U5, this was their first experience of concentrated virtual meetings with external professionals and the post-interview feedback from the U5 was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the comments from form tutors and the girls themselves:

U5JF have been unanimously positive so far about the careers interviews – they have come back from their meetings really buzzing. They said it was informative, lots of food for thought, and that they really enjoyed the process, which they were originally nervous about 😊

I was initially reluctant to reveal my inner thoughts about school and future plans to someone I didn’t know and over a screen. Having said that, I was actually really surprised at how engaging my careers advisor was and I felt I could discuss anything I wanted! I wrote an Action Plan and was given some excellent websites to research and I now feel more confident about how to choose my A-level/university options.

I loved my careers interview as it was the first time I have been out of my “bubble” since coming back to school and it felt like “careers therapy”, which I wasn’t expecting! I could completely open up about how I feel about my current subjects and career options and it was a release to be able to discuss this with someone, even if not face to face.

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