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Upcyling Fair – Record amount raised for charity

Upcyling Fair – Record amount raised for charity

Every year, the Lower 5th, as part of the School’s Careers Programme, are tasked with working as a team to design, market and create a product from scratch that they will be able to sell in a 30 minute window.

This year, the theme was upcycled products. This meant that all items had to be created from recycled and sustainable materials. All proceeds were given to one of the school’s charity: Raw Material, a music and media charity based in Brixton that provides a range of training, mentoring and professional arts projects to develop creative talent, learn music and music skills.

Many attended the Upcycling Fair on the final Friday of last half term and were spoilt for choice by the range of products available. From scented candles and home-made jam in upcycled jars, mini candles created from old lip balm holders, purses created from old sweet wrappers, earrings made from bottle tops, cactus plants in upcycled tins. The Lower 5th worked tremendously well and embraced the upcycling theme with passion and pride. Despite a 30-minute selling window, the fair proved to have extraordinary results, with a total of £800 raised for Raw Material. This is not only a record amount of funds raised for the Lower 5th careers fair but places this year’s Lower 5th as some of the school’s most successful fund raisers in the history of the school.

The school’s charity were delighted with the funds raised and one of the charity’s soon to be graduates, Shallise, came to school this morning, to thank the Lower 5th students and to sing one of her compositions.

Winning teams:

1st place: Ayumi P, Lucy PT, Talia P, Florence P, Maisie A (£103)
2nd place: Anisa U, Karina T, Erianthe Z, Rholsyn H and Charlotte L (£96.56)
Special mention: Camila A Holly C, Annabel P, Katie F and Blanche F

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