Music Students Turn Tables on the Staff | Streatham & Clapham High School

Music Students Turn Tables on the Staff

Music Students Turn Tables on the Staff
The students have taken control of the classrooms at Streatham & Clapham this term, offering instrument or singing lessons to staff willing to learn a new skill.
‘I’ve been playing piano for six years, but
this is my first-time teaching someone how
to play. It’s a bit strange, but it is fun being
the expert on a subject. The lessons are going
very well as the teachers are very committed.’
Lydia (U4)
The staff are learning a variety of instruments, including guitar, violin and saxophone, and are working towards a concert to showcase their new-found talents at the end of the summer term.
‘Anyone who knows me, knows I love music
and it hurts me so much that I cannot sing! To
receive lessons at work has been a real treat.
I would be happy to perform in a choir.
What a dream come true that would be!’
Mrs Shirley Halm
Executive Assistant to the Head
Sign up has been high with nearly 40 staff members signing up to learn a new instrument or to return to one they haven’t played since they were teenagers themselves.
‘This is my first time learning the violin. I
played wind instruments ages ago when I was in
secondary school myself. This is very different.’
Ms Tabrizi
History & Politics Teacher

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